3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes

As it is probably obvious I am a massive foodie – so my blog will be home to a lot of the recipes I use to make clean treats or even just my regular go-to meals. A few of my friends have asked how I make my protein pancakes, and it has taken me a while to get the right ingredient quantities to make the best ones but I think I’ve finally perfected them! So here is the recipe- only 3 ingredients! (minus baking powder but I don’t count that..) Enjoy!

Pancake Mix:

Egg Whites – 70-75g

Oats – 10g

20g Protein Powder (Whey etc.. Red Velvet flavour Trutein tastes amazing)

And that is it!!… (add a tsp of baking powder if you want them big + fluffy lol).

A lot of people blend this mixture, but I would recommend just mixing it with a fork- keeps the mixture thick and makes them turn out like the small, round American pancakes not big flat, thin ones.

Once you’ve mixed the ingredients, use a small tsp of coconut oil in a hot frying pan to cook them- they cook better without too much oil. As the mixture makes quite a few, you’ll probably find you can’t cook them all at the same time. So, after the last pancake is cooked, I put them all back in the pan at the same time just to reheat them and keep them extra hot!

Then obviously add your chosen toppings- Walderns Farm Sauces for a completely cheat free meal does the job! (I prefer Nutella + Peanut Butter…)

Macros per whole batch (toppings not included) are below 😋



Let me know your thoughts..