3 Nut Combo Protein Balls 

If you’re a big nut fan, these are definitely for you. I used cashews, almonds and peanut butter to make these super quick and easy protein balls which are perfect if you’re looking for a recipe that will satisfy your sweet cravings and keep you going during the day. I’m always looking for a low carb/high fat snack as I seem to always struggle to hit my fat macros, and it’s always so hard to find snacks that are a little treat, yet low carb. Everything high fat – low carb is savoury like nuts or avocados! How am I meant to eat those on the go at the office?! (Nuts obviously, but most of the packets you buy in the shops are too big for a snack, and it’s not as if I bring my scales to work to weigh the right amount out… why’ma lyin I defs would but scared to break them/carry them lols).

Because of this, I wanted to make a little pick-me-up treat for the day time that is higher in fat than it is in carbs. I love the ease of protein balls, they’re so quick to make and you can throw whatever ingredient you like in there.


40g Peanut Butter (I used Meridian)

16g Coconut Oil

37g Almonds

35g Cashews

22g Oats (Mornflake)

20g Whey Protein (I used Icon Nutrition’s Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl)


In a processor, quickly blend the oats, cashews and the almonds so they’re blended together nicely. I don’t blend them until they’re a flour consistency, just make sure they’ve broken down into fragments which you are happy enough to eat.

Put the mixture in a bowl, and add the whey protein.

Then slightly melt the peanut butter and coconut oil (separately or together, no difference) and add to the mixture.

Using your hands, mix the contents into a doughy like texture, and roll into ball sizes of your choice. Voila!

Macros (makes 8)

Calories – 123

Fat – 9.5

Carbs – 3.4

Protein – 5.7



Let me know your thoughts..