3) Final Preparations

The last three days before the competition were definitely some of the most exciting yet nerve wracking days I’ve experienced! After depletion, I loaded up my body with carbs so that the glycogen stores in my muscles were replenished, so that they would look full and tight. I went from having around 20g carbs, to 200g carbs on the first day of carb loading – best day ever. I was worried about looking flat and not ripped on stage, but the carbs made such a big difference!

These pictures are from when I was depleting- smallest I have ever been but very flat..12004801_10153348455308612_8199645709248625935_n11064722_10153348470683612_6912357958169523355_n

In comparison to this- my last day of prep, and after three days of carb loading!


After a teeeeeny tiny meltdown on the Friday morning (involved ringing up my friends telling them that I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it and there was no way I was getting on stage LOL) I got it out my system and later that day I finally felt ready for the show. My abs had re-appeared and then it was the final preparations left to go (there is a LOT to do especially for girls.. hair, makeup, nails, tan…) But it was definitely the crazy deep tan you have to have that completed the whole look….


I traveled up to the location the night before with my mum and stayed in a hotel so that I wasn’t panicking and rushing the next day. After my last meal of the day I had a glass of white wine to dehydrate myself for the next day…(half a glass of wine after not drinking for 7 months = slightly drunk haha). At this stage I wasn’t nervous anymore, I had accepted I had put all the hard work in, and whatever the outcome, I was proud of the fact I’d done what I set out to achieve, and therefore the result of the show wasn’t important.


Let me know your thoughts..