The Malvern Spa: Getting Away From The City

So this weekend just gone, my best friend Lucia and I took a road trip to Malvern (I’d never heard of it before, either..) to visit The Malvern Spa. It couldn’t have come at a better time – January blues – the month of dreary miserable mornings, chilled weekends staying in, and sticking to your New Years Resolutions or ‘Damp January’ as my TBP work girls put it. Despite the fact most of my months are not even slightly ‘damp’ but more of a ‘dribble’ (I’m very over going out out drinking atm?!), a relaxing weekend was perfect.

A 2 hour trip away from Hertfordshire we had the old school tunes on – Cassie Me & U (what a banger) and hit the road early so it went quite quickly, and obviously Chi and I can chat for literally hours so no boredom! Especially when we stopped for snacks but I’m sorry, this is the perfect time to bring up my pop chip incident:

So we arrive at the services, buzzing about getting snacks (obvs) and as my dodgy belly will only let me eat so many things, I was so excited to get some pop chips that I can actually eat. Anyway long story short, I open up the packet so Chi and I can dive right in, I kid you not the bag is litchhhherally 1/4 full. Like you could wrap the amount of chips up about 3 times in its own wrapper with the excess. I could have packed my whole bag in that left over wrapper. Fuming! Don’t you hate it that we get ripped off with everything nowadays, bring back the times when Freddo’s were 10p and a packet of crisps wasn’t 10% prawn cocktail 90% air.

Trust me when I say I will be sending that pic in to pop chips to complain as an avid popchip eater slash buy their bags every single day I probably should be a shareholder but moving on *not even bitter*

We arrived at 1:45 just in time for our Afternoon Tea at 2. I’ve been having some stomach troubles recently and the doctors are still testing for what it is, so at the moment there are a lot of food groups I can’t eat. Not just dairy and gluten, but some sugars, sauces, vegetables, fruits, etc which makes eating out difficult. The hotel had so kindly created a unique Afternoon Tea for us with foods we can both eat, so smoked salmon gluten – free sandwiches it was! Not a huge fan of gluten – free bread (I will be devo’d if I have to cut it out forever) but they did the job.

After our light lunch, we explored our room but it wasn’t long before heading down to the spa for a massage. It was incredible! Set in a beautiful open plan room with trees covered in fairy lights, and the sound of the water fountains delivering that relaxing vibe, we were so ready for the massage. Chi had the Hot Mineral Boost and I had the Stress – Reliever massage. My masseuse definitely did her job because I fell asleep about 10 minutes in and don’t remember most of it…

I came out feeling so sleepy and was taken to the ‘Relaxation Room’. Here you could chill in a dimmed room, relax on a soft bed with a fluffy blanket and I wanted to sleep for about 5 more hours. Instead, we went back up to room and ordered room service because I was starving – As I mentioned the food options at the mo are quite limited and I’m finding suitable snacks really hard, but The Malvern Spa delivered peanuts to my room. You know when you’re on the spot and you’re asked what you want to eat? Well that happened, I panicked and I chose peanuts and it was the best choice of the day.

After a bit of chill time watching Take Me Out and trying not to fall asleep, we made our way down to dinner. The restaurant is a little different as it’s placed right next to the spa, so as we were starving we went down fairly early so there were still a few couples walking round in their robes. A nice concept as you can see straight into the spa area which as I mentioned before, is light, bright and decorated with sparkly indoor trees, but not so nice if you’re eating dinner and someone’s bath robe falls open whilst your shoving a scallop in your mouth. I can declare this did not happen to me and is just a word of warning not to eat anything choke-able’.

Despite the layout, the food itself was incredible. The chefs were too kind and made amendments to whatever we asked from the menu to ensure it was gluten and dairy free. Chi had mackerel to start, and for mains the duck shown below, and I had the scallops below and a chicken breast with red cabbage for main. The flavours were so strong from the braised cabbage to the rosemary sprinkled over the chicken, it was mouth watering!

I’d like to say we then went back to the room, got dressed, had a few drinks and went out but we really, really didn’t. Instead we got back into bed, watching Big Brother (I know don’t judge me) and fell asleep by 10, and slept for 11 hours. If that’s not a good way to spend a Saturday night I’m not sure what is #living…

I had a fab spa break away at The Malvern Spa and think it’s the perfect little getaway if you want a quick dodge of the London fumes.

You can view rooms and prices here.

Love, L x

*This post was in collaboration with The Malvern Spa, however all views are my own*


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