5 Foods That Make You Feel Full

Hello hunnayyyyys! Is TOWIE coming back for a new season yet bcos I am srsly missing my weekly dose of glam slash seeing Megan McKenna lose her head on the daily???  Anyways, I’ve written this post becaawwze i’m sure i’m not the only one who sometimes eats their dins but 10 mins later is still hungry hangry & ready to smash the nutella jar with a loaf of bread I mean ama’ right?? 😈 So as it’s prep time therefore stick to macros to the dot time (cry lols isn’t it still Christmas season can I use that excuse?? No ok) I thought i’d give ya my top 5 meals or foods that make me feel full, but are also pretty low cal so we can fit those desserts in after…

  1. Haddock 🐠

Now haddock was my absolute saviour last prep when I didn’t really like Sam the salmon (dw booboo luv ya now) . It’s so low in cal, soooo good for you and sooooooo easy to cook. I like to pan fry mine in a little oil so that the skin goes crispy, but I also sometimes wrap it loosely in foil, and cook for 20 minutes in the oven at 150. I season mine every time with lemon crust from Waitrose (go get it you will love me). A big piece of Haddock is really filling. I like to have mine with vegetables and sweet potato, or…

2. Caulirice

Why was I not the person that thought of this? To not have to go through that blaaady annoying grating, then squeezing the water out the cauliflower yardayardayarda is legit something I will be grateful (grate… see what I did there?) for, for the rest of my days. I get my Caulirice from Tesco or Asda, 100g is the perfect amount as a side dish, a fab substitute for a carb heavy side and literally so minimal in kcal’s you’ll miss it as you slide down your MyFitnessPal tracking sheet…😏  They have different flavours, my fave is Pilau I think so you can fake that takeaway so easy peasy, just shove some chicken in a pan with veg, add some chopped tomatoes and a few chillis, peppers & herbs and you’ve basically got chicken tikka masala right thurr…. you could perhaps even then fit in an actual naan if you wanted… just a thought. Mmmmm garlic naaaaaaaan…

3. Proats

I know I talk about these a lot but I couldn’t miss them off my list. This will be my fave meal forever, whatever the time of day. Get some volume in by adding egg whites (whilst you cook the coats) or grated courgette. Doing that bulks it out giving you an extra big portion. But tbh guys give me my oats and a scoop of protein, topped with berries = a filling, wholesome meal for fairly low cal. I cook mine in either water or Almond Milk (Dark choc flavour obvs), or my new favourite- Ufit Protein Drinks… SO. Good.

4. Turkey Mince & Veg Mix

I’ve had to add this one in here as I’m lying on my sofa rn unable to move from this meal. So filling, such good macros (loadsa protein, loadsa nutrients, minimal carbs & fats) and tastes the bangers. I just pan fried in coco oil some turkey mince, added garlic and onion & then a tin of mixed chilli beans in tomato sauce.. that’s literally it!!! So good for ya, get in my BELLY ❤️ Then I put it on top of some caulirice, broccoli and cauliflower, chopped it all up and mixed it around. I dunno why but I literally love everything if it’s in a mixture.. Anyway, top it off with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese please Louise.

5. Low fat lean beef mince and either fresh pasta or veggies.

So i’ve eaten this meal three times this week. AND i’m on prep.. so it’s a super easy, super delicious meal that can be easily reconstructed to fit ya macros, and it’s so filling. Italian is one of my favourite meals so I’m always trying to fit it in. I like my mince to be spicy and a little bit different to a normal spaggy bowl (sorry Lucia I know real Italians don’t call it that, OR eat it apparently..?!) . I’ll upload my mince recipe soon but however you cook it, if you’re looking for a low carb, high fat meal, just have it with veggies like courgette, peppers and broccoli, and top it with cheese. Or, if you can, add a little bit of fresh pasta!



  1. February 22, 2017 / 2:12 am

    “Cheese please Louise” haha too funny! Such a great read- love your content chick x

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