4) Show Day!

The day of my show was one of the best days of my life! It wasn’t until I got to the venue that I started to get really nervous. I had a slight panic as sleeping had left my tan with some crazy blotches, but after a quick fix up and some reassurance from Mr World, Max O’Connor, who is also one of the nicest guys I’ve met, I felt a little bit more relaxed… though that only lasted a few hours …

When I was on stage, I was absolutely petrified! I couldn’t stop shaking, and in my head I was thinking I am never doing this again haha! I thought I must have looked so stupid on stage trying not to fall over I was shaking that much, but after a few minutes on stage and making first call-outs, I started to relax a little and enjoy myself. I still didn’t stop shaking, but when it came to my individual walk I tried to remember everything I’d been taught from posing classes, and acted as confident as I could. I was so lucky to have had my family and best friends all there to support me, and hearing them cheer for me whilst I was on stage was so encouraging. The lights were low enough for me to see them in the audience, but whether that made me even more nervous I’m not sure!

Despite being the youngest there, the other girls competing were so friendly and made the day even more enjoyable, and focus was placed on just enjoying the day and celebrating what we had all achieved, rather than placing. That being said, I literally couldn’t believe it when they called my name for 2nd place. I went into my first show with 0 expectations, but achieving second place is definitely a moment I will never forget. Being able to accept my trophy (which is HUGE and takes pride of place on my windowsill) and celebrate after with my family and friends made every single workout, the diet, and the up and down moods soooo worth it, and it’s a feeling and moment I will never forget! I only wish it hadn’t of been just the winners invited to the Finals in October, but not only did that give me the realisation that I will definitely compete again, it also meant I could look forward to getting back to normality and catch up on what I’d missed out on for the last 7 months! (time with family & friends, socialising, and I think most importantly, food..)

I know that between now and my next show I have a LOT to improve on, but I am proud and happy of what I brought to the stage for my first time, and as cliche as it sounds, I can say it has definitely made me learn a lot about myself!

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Let me know your thoughts..