A Country Mansion In The Heart Of The City? Exploring Leeds & Northridge Hall

I’m lucky enough to travel quite a bit with work and experience different places that you wouldn’t normally choose to go on holiday to. This time around, it was Leeds, but not the Leeds you think of where you go and visit your uni mates to get trolloped and dance to rubbish house music in a grimy club. No, this was luxury Leeds! If that’s a thing?

I organised the trip for our TBP Talent Bloggers (bloggers we manage at The Blogger Programme). If you’re a Blogger or Influencer and looking to grow your profile or work with more brands, I would recommend signing up to our platform! You can get involved in some really cool trips or campaigns.

Anyway so this trip I organised for our guys was so much fun, and a lot of that was down to the fact we were staying in the most gorgeous mansion, Northridge Hall. This ridiculous Mansion is part of Kate and Toms family of properties. I’ve stayed in a few, one in the Cotswolds (you can watch here)  one in Dorset, and then this one in Leeds. All have been unbelievable, set in the beautiful country side and surrounded by open air and greenery! It’s so nice to get out of London sometimes, even if I’m still working. The mansion was actually outside of the city so we were slap bang in the middle of nowhere.

Despite these trips being a lot of fun, when you’re running it you’re so busy trying to make sure everything runs smoothly, on time and stressing that the guys have enough time to get their content done, that it’s actually exhausting! This was probably my smoothest run trip to date (does this make sense, probs not) yet my most exhausting. Luckily it was Easter weekend straight after as I definitely needed the break. It’s good to be surrounded by bloggers that are the size I want to be and to learn from them but some times it’s like a different world to me and so exhausting that I want to chuck my phone out the window and delete all social media apps. But on the less dramatic side, here’s how the trip went…

We arrived at Northridge Hall early afternoon in time to put all the bloggers goodies on their bed and sort the house out. This took a couple of hours and the amount of stuff they had been gifted was incredible (if I do say so myself).. We then went into Leeds city centre for an afternoon of shopping. The Trinity Centre had kindly gifted us vouchers to spend so obvi I bought some new trainers! I bought some new Adidas Boosts which I’m sure you’ll see on my Insta pretty soon…

After a few hours at the shops we headed to dinner which was at The Foundry. Do any of you watch Masterchef, The Professionals? If so, you might be a little bit jel that finalist Matt Healy has taken over the restaurant and he created an exclusive, 5 course, Vegan menu (to put up with our ridic amount of dietary requirements, props to you Matt hun) and it was honestly one of the best meals I’ve had. It was Michelin style, so think small portions (not normally my cuppa tea, little miss piggy over hurrr) but the flavours were unreal! We’ve been invited back once his refurb is fully finished so I cant wait to go back and have one of his roasties as I can image they’re the best of the best.

After a delicious dinner we headed back to the house. I mean mansion. Soz about us. (Sorry that was annoying). Kate and Toms had laid out freshly baked muffins and bread and considering I’ve got the go-ahead to eat allll the foods you bet I was there stuffing my face, I had to restrain myself so I could leave a few for the bloggers..

I had a late night just making sure everything was good to go for the next day and all the bloggers were settled, but then it was easy to fall asleep cos the beds were so DAMN comfy, not to mention I was ridiculously tired! My bed was actually the one in the above pic – how pretty! It had the most amazing bathroom and views across the gardens.

The next morning I woke at around 7 (Q body clock) when I could’ve slept in till 8 ish but being the mum that I am, I had breakfast laid out for them in cute little bowls by 730 because #forthegram. I sat down and cracked on with some work, as the bloggers started to wake up and then spent the next few hours taking their shots around the house and in the hot tubs.

The last activity was the best one of the trip in my opinion. It was an escape room and it was absolutely hilarious! I’ve been wanting to do one for ages and this one was called Asylum. I nearly chickened out and went for the Alice In Wonderland one but I had to be a #girlboss and be brave but it did involve a lot of screaming, hiding behind the influencers and laughing because if I didn’t laugh I probs would’ve cried! Thanks to Tick Tock Unlock Leeds, it was SO fun – lots of things jumping out at you, screams and just scary stuff that made it so good. We didn’t make it out the room (shock) and I’m worse at solving clues and being intuitive than I thought but we all learn something new every day, hey?

All in all, the trip went really well and I find that the more trips I run, the easier and less stressful they become. It’s always good to take new tricks and tips into the following trip and I’d love to hear any more from anyone that has run events or work trips, and how you guys stay on top of things.

Since writing and not posting this blog (bcos I am forgetful AF) I’ve actually done another trip to Ibiza for work which was SUPER complicated to organise – I mean my luck couldn’t be better with a French air strike being announced the day before we were meant to fly meaning our flights were cancelled but that’s another long story!

Next stop: CROATIA! Can’t wait to get into the sun even if it’s for 2 days and for work but YAS can’t wait, I’m thinking a VLOG for that one!

Love From Laurie x


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