Battle Oats: The Verdict

My first impression of Battle Oats, was immediately a very very good one from even just the look of the bars. Heavy boxes mean great things!! The size of each bar was one of the key things that stuck out to me. It’s not often that protein bars are that big, yet given the amount of calories the bar holds (285 roughly), the size is spot on. Its big, thick & chunky.

As you all know i’m macro hoarding where possible atm, so I was a bit sceptical about ‘wasting’ 300 kcal’s on a protein bar. But as my calories have been relatively high still the last couple of weeks, I figured the opportunity to try them is NOW. So I braved it. (Comp people & dieters you will know the struggles, when you risk for the biscuit & try something new… what if it turns out shite?? It’s an actual physical pain in the heart).. Anyway. It wasn’t a waste in the slightest. It was SO worth it.

Let’s start with White Chocolate & Coconut. The white chocolate in the bar was in actual chunks, not just teeny minuscule bits of chocolate that’s been grated into the bar and pawned off as a ‘chunk’. I take my chunks seriously; this one fits the bill. The bar comes with a little ‘crunch’ as it has like wispy airy crispies in it, as you can sorta see from this piccie of the choc brownie one which is similar. Loved it.


The second bar I tried was the Double Chocolate Brownie. These bars literally take forever to eat, so long that even your jaw starts to ache so imagine my happiness when it took me about 25 mins to get through a brownie flavoured bar. And they actually have this flavour spot on. It’s moist and stodgy like a real brownie, and the chocolate aftertaste it leaves IS that of chocolate, not of fake choc protein or some rubbish. I really enjoyed this one, it is my second favourite flavour of them all.

The third bar is probs my least favourite but that’s obvs to do with the fact it’s got the most elements of health in. Cranberry and blueberries? What are fruits?? Just kidding, when I say least favourite I mean FOURTH fave because they are genuinely all so lovely to eat it’s almost too difficult to put in order. This one is a flapjack, and they have absolutely nailed the golden syrup taste and the crumbly oats. If my least favourite levels at a 9/10, you know these bars are winners. This one also got mummsy’s approval. And if you know my mum (if you don’t i’m about to tell you a bit about her) you’ll know how picky she is. She’s a personal trainer and runner (for some reason she enjoys it?? so likes to run lots of races and even marathons like one week apart she’s sucha weirdo) and detests foods that are packed full of sugar or shitty ingredients. She is literally the definition of kean runner bean and if she could be anything else in the world she would be a piece of broccoli or a  lettuce. Oh wait maybe even a lentil?? Anyway, point is she’s a tiny lean muscle woman who is an absolute saint, and she loves this bar so it’s saying something, cos she’s a picky biatch ok??

I had to save my favourite till last. Cinnamon and Raisin. I love love love cinnamon, and as soon as you open the bar’s wrapper you can smell it wafting out like it’s just been made in front of you! Yes I know, you’d of thought I’d chosen chocolate hey.. that just shows how good it is. It has big raisins in, and I don’t even know how they get that cinnamon taste sooo strong yet not too strong?! It’s magic!

I don’t recommend products that I don’t love myself and can honestly say I absolutely love these bars. They are welllll worth the higher calories, they fill you up for hours and take so long to eat you won’t be left feeling unsatisfied! If you buy any protein bars, make this a purchase of 2017! You won’t be disappointed.




Let me know your thoughts..