Blonde Balayage

Hi hunnies! This is another beauty post for you – I still can’t believe that my post on makeup and makeup at the gym, has the most views out of all of my articles?! Haha you guys love the glam, eh?! I think I’m going to start doing more beauty & fashion things, like YouTube videos on my favourite skin care products etc etc. Who knows!

This little post is on where to go to get the best Balayage done, how to look after your hair when you’re bleach blonde & the after care.

Balayage is basically a technique where they hand paint the bleach/dye into your hair, so that it can have a really natural look without that line of root which often happens when you have highlights. Baylage takes a little longer and a bit more expensive, but is SO worth it. It means that you won’t ever look like you have roots which is super annoying when your hair grows quickly. I had my first baylage done in October, and now I’m only just having it redone (it’s April…) I let it grow until I could be bothered to get it done again, and it’s still looked natural this whole time.

The first time I had it done was in Sydney in a salon called Luxe Concept Salon. I had researched the best salons for Balayage & blonde hair, because I was willing to pay more to have someone who knew what they were doing. At this stage my hair was completely my natural colour (dark blonde/light brown), and I wanted bright, white, ashy blonde – definitely not yellow, honey or brassy blonde.

They absolutely nailed what I wanted and I was so pleased! So now back in London I wanted to find someone just as amazing to touch up my balayage!

I came across Not Another Salon through the Instagram influencer babe I follow called Yasmin Chanel; she has the most amazing hair. She tweeted about having amazing baylage done at NAS so I thought I’d check them out. Go on their Instagram- it is SO COOL. So much colour!

I booked in to have baylage done, and it was a long long wait as they’re so popular and busy! Finally it was my turn. 

Situated on Brick Lane, the salon is absolutely sick, its pink and bright colours everywhere, think graffiti and grunge but bright…? If you know Brick Lane you know what kind of vibe I mean; retro, vintage, just very cool… 

I had my hair done by Spooky, also such a nice chick from Chicago. She talked me through the whole process of what she was doing to my hair. She did a mixture of hand painted balayage and foils to get the ash blonde I wanted.

I also had Innoluxe put within the bleach to repair my hair. Some of you might have heard of Olaplex- a treatment used on heavily dyed or bleached hair. It’s literally a miracle worker. Innoluxe is the same thing, different company. I’d say it’s absolutely essential for you to have this treatment if you’re having bleach or heavily dyed hair, especially blonde. It helps to repair your hair completely and limit the damage. 

I am absolutely in love with my balayage! Spooky did it so close to the roots but feathered it all out really nicely so I won’t get any horrible lines or anything- I’m absolutely in love and will definitely be back for my top up.

I also bought the shampoo, conditioner and purple toner (that gets rid of brassy tones) as I think it’s so important to use the right products on bleached hair- it’s definitely helped to keep mine in the best condition it can be after bleaching.

I would 100% recommend Not Another Salon, they’re super lovely and accomodating. I’ve put some tips below that I’ve been told by NAS & Luxe Concept Salon to protect and look after my hair, and I think they’re working as my hair has never been this healthy even though it’s super blonde! 

How to keep your blonde hair healthy

1. When washing your hair, use the products recommended by the salon. They may be expensive but they’re a lot better for your hair than the shop bought products who just want your hair to smell good.

2. When shampooing, do so twice. The first time will lift the dirty and grease from your hair, the second will actually wash it away.

3. If your hair is blonde, use a thick mask over a conditioner. I’ve been given a conditioning mask by ‘Pureology’ for blonde hair- I leave it on for 2-3 minutes after shampooing then wash it away.

4. If you’re super blonde & don’t want yellow or brassy tones, use a purple toner shampoo at least once a week. 

5. In between shampooing & conditioning, quickly towel dry your hair (don’t rub the towel around, just squeeze the water out). My hairdresser said in Sydney that not doing that is like putting moisturiser on wet skin- just wouldn’t work! Don’t know how I didn’t think that before?! 

& of course get it trimmed regularly- you know the drill. Hope this helps! 

Love, L x 


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