Boulder Shoulders

I love training shoulders, and as a smaller muscle group I often train them with another but, when doing exercises which isolate the muscle, the DOMS after hit hard! 🔥

My arms are one of the body parts that I find took the longest to look the way I wanted and am actually always conscious of. They are one of my stubborn fat areas it’s so annoying, but training shoulders hard recently has helped get more of a shoulder cap that leads to them looking leaner and a better shape rather than one big flat blob. Girls will understand you know when you’re on a night out and you have a picture holding your clutch bag under your arm and your arm looks like a slab of flab its the worst LOL 😩 so growing those delts is super important!

Here’s an exercise that I do (supersetted with another normally). I do three sets of 15 reps and it burns like crazy!

Lateral Deltoid Raises


Let me know your thoughts..