Chocolate Berry Muffins

This recipe is pretty much the same as my previous salted caramel banana berry muffin recipe buttttt chocolate version 😍 & a slight adjustment on the ingredients which means even LESS carbs & even LESS calories which means even MORE eating 😏

This one uses the Quest Chocolate Milkshake whey blend 🙌🏽 definite recommendation guys and gals 🙌🏽


  • 40g Oats (blended to flour)
  • 75g Egg White
  • 20g Quest Chocolate Milkshake Whey
  • 80g Banana
  • 40g Berries
  • 88g Fat Free Yoghurt
  • 1 tsp baking powder


  • Same as before, place dry ingredients in a bowl (oat flour, protein, baking powder)
  • Mix wet ingredients (banana, egg white, yog. Mash banana to make it easier to blend)
  • Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients (excluding berries)
  • Mix to make a thick batter.
  • Evenly pour the batter into a 6 muffin tin.
  • Add the berries equally on top and push down slightly.
  • Cook for 18 mins at 160c.

Voila 😛




Let me know your thoughts..