Does Coffee Make You Skinny?

How many of those slim teas, slim coffees, fit teas and boo teas – the list could go on and on – have you seen on the market. Every time I see one I just roll my eyes. But sometimes it’s hard to see a new product being advertised to help your weight loss goals, and not read into it; we are only human after all.

Now I am an advocate for doing the exact opposite – I don’t, and never will, take any weight loss supplement, fat burner, fat loss supplement or ‘Bootea’ or the likes in order to lose weight. I stand by the traditional balance, moderation and don’t eat crap all the time diet. That and some hard work in the gym or exercise is bound to help you out – calorie deficits and all – but that’s another thing to go into.

But in saying that, there may be some truth behind coffee helping to aid weight loss, and the reasons generally being because 1) coffee can fill you up when you’re hungry meaning you may stop reaching for additional snacks when you don’t need them, 2) it can act as a diuretic, allowing for some water loss which can also result in a temporary reduction in weight, or it might just mean that you’ve gone from drinking a milky hot chocolate each morning to a black coffee and therefore cut down on calories.

When you’re looking to go on a diet, coffee is also no.1. It can give you energy, and again – suppresses hunger. So, when Bondi Coffee were kind enough to send me their easy peasy little sachets of coffee to have each morning – I was only too pleased to accept! Especially as I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks and meant to be doing a mini cut (key words are ‘meant to’..) My point being is that I’ve had Bondi Coffee help me along the way.

On their packaging it highlights exactly what coffee can do. The tiny sachets are fit for the perfect size cup of coffee and as they’re part of a 28 day plan to help aid with your weight loss from the caffein benefits above – they’re easy to take to work, on the go, or slotted into your bag for when you need a quick pick-me-up. The packet the sachets come in is lovely too – I appreciate a sleek matte package!

All you have to do is add boiling water as you would a filter coffee, and you can either drink it black or with your milk of choice. My favourite way to have my coffee is with soy milk – I NEVER used to be a coffee drinker – I used to hate it in fact, but now I have one every morning and thanks to Bondi coffee its just got a whole lot easier (and cheaper). I don’t go a day without my morning coffee now but it can rack up to be quite expensive – another plus of having a cute stash of mini coffees!

Check out their 28 day plans and give their coffee a go – do you add soy, almond or coconut milk, or have yours as a frothy latte?! I’m always so interested in peoples coffee choices! I want to expand my coffee game…

Love, L x






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