I have finally got round to writing up my quick thoughts on Dublin. Brief overview – I LOVE IT!

I was taken there by my best friend Lucia for Christmas (I know, she’s one of a kind) so we could have a huge catch up and spend some time together after I’d been away for so long. We have started a tradition of doing mini- breaks away each year. It started with Paris, then it was Dublin, and now I’ve got a couple of ideas where I’d like us to explore next! Who knows, maybe it’ll be my surprise next time – I’m thinking a luscious mini spa break in the Country somewhere.

Dublin is definitely a city to visit, with a quick flight from Luton Airport we were there in a couple of hours which makes it the perfect City for a weekend break.


I’m putting this part first because it’s obviously the best bit. The shopping in Dublin is absolutely amazing, with so many high-street affordable shops. They have a huge mall (I think it’s called The Square) but the shopping is everywhere in Dublin and so so easy to find. We spent about 3 hours shopping in the biggest Forever 21 I’ve seen – mainly just because they have all their clothes laid out into colour themed sections (I am Nude & Khaki obsessed and Chi had her eyes set on the baby pink part). They also have a gigantic gym section with really affordable and good quality products. I brought a beautiful baby pink sports bra with a detailed strappy back and a long sleeve peach lycra top – I live in long sleeves in the gym! So cheap and cheerful.


We spent two days and two nights in Dublin, and decided to spend the second day sightseeing before we got our flight home that evening. Pro’s – we saw some great sights. Cons – we were hungover – Probably not the best day to drag yourself round Dublin but nevertheless, we loved it. We got an open top bus from just outside our hotel which took us round all the main sights, and we could jump on and off wherever we wanted. It was a bit rainy and cold and given how our heads were feeling, we decided to spend the majority of our time on the bus and sightseeing through the window…but from what we could see, we thought Dublin was beautiful.


Main sights to visit –

  • Temple Bar
  • St Patricks Cathedral 
  • Guinness Factory 
  • Shopping at The Square



Temple Bar

The main tourist area where prices are HIGH but the atmosphere is unreal. Think; loud music blaring out of Irish pubs, people singing & dancing and just genuinely being happy. It is such a fun time even just to go and walk round and soak up the atmosphere. All the shops are painted in different bright colours with fun graffiti on them – every one of them is unique which is what I really liked. I would suggest going here for a few drinks and dinner before heading to…


Sophie’s is so fun – it’s where you can pretend to be sophisticated and drink cocktails on a rooftop bar before you go and get off your face at Copper Face Jacks next door. There’s a swing which let’s be honest, is a key feature for the ‘gram. It’s a really cool vibe and with an extensive cocktail menu, so it is definitely worth going to for a few drinks.

I am DEFINITELY coming back to Dublin and I think it would be an amazing place to visit in the summer, as the atmosphere and vibe I can imagine is amazing when the sun is shining.


Where to stay: Hotel St George on Parnell Street. Gorgeous, cosy rooms for a reasonable price, and the staff are so so lovely even when you come back having one (10) too many drinks and your best friend may have passed out in the middle of the corridor.






Let me know your thoughts..