Elley Spa

Hello everyone!

It’s about time I introduced you to Elley Spa and the girls who give me the best spa treatments for the best prices.

I spoke a bit about this spa in my YouTube video here: where you can also see how glowy they made my skin with the Heart of Ocean facial – which I must say is THE best facial I’ve had so far.

I discovered Elley Spa on google in 2015 when I was looking for somewhere to take my mum for her birthday. When we arrived, we definitely didn’t think it would be the standard that it was.

As quite a small spa run by my favourite girl Nasrin & her mum, with Gorgeous Gleicie as one of the beauty therapists and Nas’ best friend – you really wouldn’t expect the quality and luxury that you receive. Every treatment I’ve had they go beyond what you pay for, with time, effort and care.

I’ve been lucky enough to become good friends with these girls and go to see them as much as I can (even if it is just an excuse for a catch up) – but I can honestly say since my first time at Elley Spa, I’ve not had a spa treatment elsewhere.

I will post the link to their website below, however some of my favourite treatments are;

Express Mani & Pedicure (£24) – when I say Deluxe I mean it. For a quality treatment that outdoes any I’ve had before, the price of only £23 & £24 is unbelievable, or you can even have an express mani/pedi for £13/£14. They give you a proper pamper for 45 minutes – scrub the dead skin, massage, exfoliate, cuticle care, file, buff, paint etc etc. It really is the best pedi! They use all OPI and Shellac branded varnishes so you know that your colour will last.

Heart of Ocean Facial (£50) – I had this recently and I nearly fell asleep it was so relaxing, but I was trying so hard to stay awake because of how nice it was! Exfoliation, cleanse, massage, oils, moisturisers, masks and all the good stuff. I can honestly say my skin was looking tired and flat, and I came out with glowing skin (see below!) For a long time after my skin felt so much better and fresh, it was just what I needed and I’m going to make sure I get regular facials to keep it looking as glowy as possible because who doesn’t want that natural highlight?? Look how glowy my skin was afterwards!

Full Body Massage (£50) – I’ve had the Full Body Massage with Herbal/Aroma warm oil, and I can’t tell you how amazing these girls are at massages! I’ve been to a few spa’s where I’ve had a massage and got cold… anyone else had that? Half naked getting a massage and you’re shivering your itty bitty titties off? Anyway, this is THE perfect spa environment. Warm setting, warm oil, and an absolutely amazing massage. The girls listen exactly to what kind of pressure you need whether it be just to relax and fall asleep, or to get those knots out! For a whole 55 minutes at £50, you’re getting way more than you pay for.

Hamman Treatment (£60) – One of the best treatments I’ve had at Elley Spa. This is a full body, head to toe cleanse in their steam bath where the heat softens your skin. In their gorgeous steam room which is laid out with a beautiful shower and steam bed, your body is scrubbed using a rough mitt and a soft mineral substance. The treatment literally gets ALL of your dead skin off, so much so that you can actually see it… gross right but also so satisfying knowing that the skin your left with is FRESH, glowy and new! The exfoliation and scrub gets your blood flow going, and leaves you with soft and supple skin that is then covered in a honey- based mask. You’re then left to wash off, use their shampoo and conditioner, towel and robe to dry off and then have the optional oil to make your skin extra smooth on top. Best hour of my life…

I had this treatment after my last competition and before I went on holiday to 1) get rid of the dirty tan I had from my comp, and 2) prepare my skin for a good base tan for holiday! Perfect!

I’m so proud of these girls and how they run the spa, absolutely love going there and wouldn’t go anywhere else! If the pictures and description don’t do it enough justice, you’ll have to go to see for yourself!

Check out their website here;


or just give them a call – you will actually LOVE it!

Love, L x 


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