Fakeaway Creamy Shrimp Fettucine

I have cracked dieting. Genuinely.

I absolutely love Italian, and if it’s one thing I’m going to try and fit into my diet whilst on prep, it’s going to be pizza or pasta. I’m happy to say I’ve been fitting pizza in my macros right up until this week (4 weeks out!)

But I have found a low calorie alternative to one of the most popular Italian dishes. Whether that’s Carbonara, or a creamy prawn pasta dish, here’s two ways to make this UNREAL pasta dish and get that creamy pasta sauce that is normally so high in calories, fats and carbs.

My first option is if you’re wanting to go really low calorie, I have been using Walden’s Farm zero calorie sauce from Muscle Food’s – the Creamy Alfredo pasta sauce. Now I am a huge fan of Walden Farms sweet sauces as they literally save my life on prep. I can cure all my sweet cravings with just a drizzle of their Maple Syrup – BUT, the Creamy Alfredo sauce is so delicious to add to any pasta or noodle dish. I recently won a competition from Walden Farms and they sent me a gigantic crate of all of their sauces and syrups. It was like Christmas had come early for me.

The main ingredient I’ve been using to keep this so low calorie, is the Slim Pasta collection I’ve been getting from Holland & Barrett. Some people hate it because it has a watery texture, but I am absolutely obsessed. For 200g of pasta alternative at around 20-30 calories, it is a life saver when you’re looking to keep your macros really really low.

To make an even creamier sauce, I’ve been using Philadelphia Lightest Cream Cheese. I cook onions, mushrooms and garlic in a pan – add in any other veggies you want.

Then I add my Slim Pasta – the fettuccine or wok noodles are my favourite. Then add your prawns or whatever meat you are wanting to use if you want to. Then add around 50-60g of Philadelphia Lightest Cream Cheese to the pan. As it melts, keep mixing it around to mix it in your dish. I like my food hot and spicy, so I then add chilli and Franks Hot Sauce. This is the most amazing touch to such a delicious dish, and you’re not going to believe the macros.

For this HUGE dish, the macros are: (this included 1 garlic clove, 50g Philadelphia Lightest, 70g broccoli, 60g mushrooms, 100g shrimps, hot sauce, and the pasta)

Calories – 180

Fats -3

Carbs – 6

Protein – 30

Can you actually believe those macros and the amount of protein! I could eat this dish every single day, and it is so versatile as you can add whatever veggies and meat you like. I also added smoked salmon to mine and it took it up to over 50g of protein.

You’re welcome in advance!

Love, L x 


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