How To Get a FREE Personal Trainer…

As a fitness fanatic, gym keen bean or whatever you want to call me, working out and training hard in the gym is a passion of mine. However, I am only human – and sometimes I just don’t have the energy or motivation to go and work out especially as prep is taking its toll.

I train by myself 99% of the time, but on the occasion that I train with a coach or a friend my workouts are always that little bit better. I push myself more – go heavier with the weights, harder with the reps or put in that extra little bit more effort into smashing out the full set. Does anyone else feel that way, that when you have someone standing there giving you encouragement and pushing you to keep going, you work so much better??

I’ve had many conversations with people who have told me that they don’t mind going to the gym but only want to go when they have someone telling them what to do. If you’re not a wizard in the weights room or are unsure what exercises are best to target the areas of your body you want to work on, then having a PT seems to be the best thing for you. It helps with knowledge, physical and mental progression in the gym and with health, and just full on kicks you up the bum and gives you that motivation to get going and do something!

But there’s cons to having a PT. Some people want the instruction, but don’t feel comfortable with a stranger seeing them get sweaty and flustered. Some want help to have a more active and healthy lifestyle, yet also don’t like to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable telling their trainer that over the weekend they had a pizza and got boozey! And some, this is probably the main one, just don’t want to pay the high price for a PT! These are all common occurrences, and ones that are completely understandable.

BUT – the exciting news is I have an alternative and one that actually works too.

Aaptiv is actually one of the coolest apps I have on my phone. The app is an audio personal trainer, and on it you can find Personal Trainers who you suit your ability, lifestyle and workout choice.

You can choose the trainers that you prefer, and they take you through a whole load of workouts. You can choose the type of workout, duration, level… The app uses a really quick and easy filter process to narrow down the exact workout you’re looking for which is handy whenever you don’t have much time; see below.

I tried out the app on Friday as part of my cardio for prep consists of 1 x HIIT session. Normally I would do just about 7-10 sprints on the bike or elliptical, and then continue with LISS cardio. This time, I did the ‘Advanced HIIT’ workout with the trainer Mr Ray on the app.

I. was. dying. I can honestly say I haven’t worked that hard during cardio in SUCH a long time – see sweaty pics below… I had to put them in here as evidence, so apologies. During prep it’s common to just do LISS cardio that doesn’t require a huge amount of effort, but this 30 minute HIIT workout was once of the hardest yet most rewarding workouts I’ve done in a long time.

What I liked about it is that it felt like he was in the room with you – you know when you go to a spinning class and they have the trainers wearing their microphones, shouting at you when to sprint, relax, go a level up or down? It was literally just like that – it was like I was in my own personal session, it wasn’t just a mono-tone voice telling me what to do; it was motivating, he was enthusiastic, and when I wanted to quit I had him quite literally in my ear telling me not to (and trust me – it was that hard that I thought about switching it off halfway).

Another thing I loved about this app is that I don’t have to worry about the music. I have Apple Music but I am always having to take my phone out and switch songs during my workouts as I NEED to have the right playlist, and if a rubbish song comes on I can’t just sit through it! Well during each workout on Aaptiv all the music is sorted for you. Underneath Mr Ray killing me off with 2 minute sprints on the elliptical (yes I did just say 2 MINUTES.) there was the sickest remixes of the most recent tunes – my boy Ed Sheeran was included!

Being completely honest I was quite sceptical about trying this app as it’s never been something that I would consider, but I was so surprised at how good it was. I love the fact you can choose your workouts by trainer you like, or by length or level of the session. It’s got something for everyone, and you even have the option to send the personal trainer you choose an email in case you wanted to get in contact about anything – that’s when you know it’s so legit.

You can choose workouts for all cardio machines, quick workouts, ones for marathon training, if you’re pregnant, 5k/10k training, yoga… there is literally one for EVERYTHING.

You can download the app and try it out at first to see if you like it – another thing which I like as I always like to try before I buy. I’ll put the link at the bottom of this post so you can check it out. You do have to enter card details (don’t worry you just put in their free trial code; BSTRONG and it doesn’t charge you. You have 30 days to try it out and then if you want to cancel you can do without getting charged a penny).

I’ve also spoken a bit about the app in more detail and shown in on my Youtube video in my monthly favourites, so check that out here;

Don’t forget that the 30 day free trial code is: BSTRONG

Defo get using and let me know what you think, because I am genuinely so pleased with this app and would love to know that you guys like it too.

Love, L x

P.s here is me being sweaty bish after Ray’s advanced HIIT…


Let me know your thoughts..