Getting a Face Lift?! & My Thoughts On Cosmetic Surgery…

Cosmetic surgery is a really controversial topic, with opinions flying left, right and centre. If someone’s opposed to cosmetic surgery, it’s common they don’t do much to hide it, and if you’re someone who has had a cosmetic procedure done I’m sure you’ve heard at least a little negativity towards your choice.

My opinion is that people should do whatever they feel is right for them – if someone wants their nose, lips, boobs done, let them! If it doesn’t affect you – what’s the problem? With social media and Instagram ‘baddies’ so prominent nowadays, it’s so easy to comment on other people’s looks – we all do it, and I’ll be the first to admit I get jealous of some of these gorgeous girls on Instagram – whether they’ve had surgery or not. It’s important to remember that whether you would get surgery personally is your own choice, and if it’s not for you, that doesn’t mean throw shade at people that do! I think being honest,  if cosmetic surgery wasn’t such a hot ‘should you, shouldn’t you’ topic and it was cheaper or not so scary, everyone would be doing it – even some of those who are so strongly opposed to it now.

Speaking of the scary thought of surgery, I actually have come across a brand that offers a no- pain, inexpensive and non-surgical alternative to a popular cosmetic procedure. You’re probably thinking what the hell am I talking about – but I’ve actually tried and tested this product myself and it works.

The non- surgical face lift procedure is from a brand called Chin Up. Now a double chin thankfully hasn’t really been an issue for me (yes when I came back from travelling my face was slightly round but we’re past that ok!!)  but I do love a strong jawline, and when I had the oppprtunity to try out a product to help accentuate this, why wouldn’t I?!

It’s a really simple process, you measure two places of your chin (ear to ear, around the jawline and then underneath) then place the mask over your chin/cheeks, and put on the head strap quite tight. Warning: it will feel strange and you will look really really weird, so don’t plan on venturing out/seeing anyone you don’t want to see when you’re not looking your best…

You wear the mask for 30 mins. It was a process that made me think, is this actually working? But then as over the 30 minutes it started to warm up and slightly tingle, I thought something must be doing the job. I was genuinely surprised by the results. Despite slightly red cheeks from the warmth of the product, I didn’t at first notice much change when I looked in the mirror. Then when I went back and re-measure from my original jaw and chin marks – I actually couldn’t believe the difference.

How this works exactly I’m not entirely sure, but I would definitely recommend this is you’re looking for ways to sharpen up the jawline and add a bit of extra contour to your face – Kendall Jenner come at us!

If you’ve also tried it, let me know your thoughts! 

Love, L x



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    October 30, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Aww girl thanks! Xx

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