Go Ape

At the moment we’re stuck in a super weird weather sitch where by 12pm it’s too hot for a coat but way too cold without one. It’s like I’m so ready for winter and cosy weekends in front of the fire with cups of tea but these muggy half sunny half cold days are hindering my pre-Christmas preparation. And with that comes the hard decisions as to what to do on the weekends.

In the winter you can spend your weekends shopping or at the cinema but as much as I love staying warm and getting festive, I love to be outside and I guess whilst the world is making up its mind on which season we’re in, we might as well make the most of it whilst it’s still dry.

Anyway, rambling aside, I have the perfect activity for you guys! I’ve been to go Go Ape once back at uni but when the opportunity came up to go to one of the largest courses in Cockfosters with a group of my closest pals, I couldn’t not! My mum had been dying to go so we did it for her (but then she last minute sacked us off for the Chicago marathon) but me and the boys had quick drive down the M1 to take on the course.

I can’t say it started in the best way – one of my brothers still drunk and my boyfriend just been sick from a workout just before, not to mention the state of the rest of them but nothing unusual there with this lot.. despite the above, we had the most hilarious day.

It started with a really thorough and informative learning session with one of the Go Ape team to teach us how to work our harnesses. I was genuinely worried for some of the boys’ lives because how many times does it take someone to listen and learn which clip goes on first and to ‘always stay connected!!’ I don’t know why I trusted them up 16 ft high but we made it without any injuries. The guys at Go Ape were super helpful (and patient) with taking us through everything lots of times to make sure we were okay with everything and probably to make sure if one of the lads fell off it wasn’t their fault, lols.

We started the course and I thought I was pretty good at heights but when you’re up there in the trees and all you can do is look down, it was actually waaay scarier than I remembered but so much fun to do the zip lines, tarzan swings and obstacles. The only thing that let us down was the weather – it started to rain as soon as we started the course and then it POURED. Literally the heavens opened and decided to bucket a sea of rain on us and if you know me well you know I am absolutely FREEZING 90% of the time so by the end of the course my hands were ice, but it was well worth it.

A couple of us were a little prangy about heights than others but being in a big group is a really good way to get over your fears as you have so many people encouraging to get on with it. If you missed my brother landing the zipwire in the most ridiculous way possible, check it out on my story highlights @laurielfharris.

It took us around 2/2,5 hours to get round the course and baffled me when they told us the quickest someone has got round is 17 minutes.. I couldn’t even bring myself to go down the zip line at the end in that time. Madness!

We had the best time and I am definitely going to visit again and finally take my mumma when the weather brightens up next summer!

Thanks again to Go Ape for providing me and my family with this amazing complimentary day out.

L x


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