How To Get Summer Body Ready: Mind & Body!

For some reason I can’t get my head around the fact it’s July NEXT WEEK. Like, what? Summer is full on here and I’m living for this London weather. We’re in some weird weather vibe which we’ve never had before (i.e sun and heat) where it’s all hot humid and sticky and can’t really breathe in the office cos it’s so stuffy but also I never want it to go away, it’s almost too good to be true!

So to the point – whether you’re jet setting off on holiday which I’m sure a lot of you are, or even if you’ve got a big event in the summer that you want to look good for like a wedding or a party, or you just have a goal to get fit for summer, then we don’t have long people! Time is LETERally flying past at the moment and before I know it, it’s going to be time to go on holiday and I will still look like the Christmas fun hasn’t left me yet (I really cannot be using that as an excuse 7 months later).

So to give you all a bit of motivation when its super hard to wake up in the mornings and hit the gym or whether you’re just lacking a bit of ooomf in your training, here’s what I’ve changed over the last few weeks which has helped me get motivated for my summer bod.

  1. Plan your workouts. 

I actually end up getting frustrated at myself when I turn up to the gym and I haven’t got plan of what I’m doing or what I’m training that day. I’ve found that by following a new workout programme, I’m in the gym with purpose. I’m rarely wandering round wasting time or unsure of what I’m training. Whether it’s cardio, HIIT, full body or single muscle splits, I’ve got the workouts written down for me with exercises and rep ranges. This means that my sessions are hard AF now I’m also being strict on rest periods, but they’re full of purpose and I feel like each session is a step closer to being in a better position for bettering my physique.

2.  Question yourself: are you really pushing yourself?

Being completely honest, it wasn’t until I started this new workout plan I’m on that I realised how previously I was just rocking up to the gym, doing a half-assed workout and then just because I turned up, wore the outfit and lifted a weight, I thought I’d trained hard. Absolutely not! This new workout plan with new ranges, new rest periods and a plan which is full of variety (includes a mixture of HIIT, weights, supersets, giant sets, etc) has made me realise that I really wasn’t pushing myself as much as I could have been. Now every time I perform an exercise I think to myself, am I really working as hard as I can? Am I lifting as heavy as I can, or getting as many reps in or could I get in one more. It sounds cheesy but it really is all about the mindset you have and the battle you have with yourself. I have changed my mindset with my workouts so that with every session I have, I know I’ve put in all my effort, and this is going to get me the best results.

3. Prep your food

I don’t know how many times I’ve spoken about this (and also have had to have a word with myself) but it’s so so SO much easier to stay on track with your diet when you’ve worked out your meals, got them all prepared and ready to eat for the week. It saves time in the evenings, means you’re less likely to fall off track and choose something higher in calories/ a bit less nutritious for lunch from a shop or restaurant, and also just makes you feel a lot more organised and on plan. The saying is true, you can work your ass off in the gym but you can’t out train a bad diet! Well you sort of could but might mean you’d spend 10 hours of your day in the gym. I am also so bad at doing this so I really need to take my own advice and prep my food properly on Sundays! I do prep but I do it every night, which when you’re doing it for yourself and a boyfriend who eats like a hoover it actually takes forever and I would rather be watching Wes sack off Laura on Love Island.

4. Avoid the fast weight loss fads!

When the panic hits you that sh*t, holiday is only a few weeks away and I haven’t been sticking to my pre hols plan as much as I should have, it’s almost tempting to get sucked into the fads that promise a stone off in 4 weeks, or a reduction in 3 dress sizes in a crazy amount of time. But I can assure you, the majority you see advertised are just that – fads, not sustainable and some not even healthy. I know when the weeks are going by way too fast, you just want to follow the 4 week bikini diet, but I can assure you that it’s much more beneficial to get stuck into a healthy, maintainable lifestyle where you’re not up and down with food, because when you finish the diet that’s had you eating lettuce and shakes for 4 weeks and start to eat normally again, all the weight you lost will just come straight back to you in about half the time it took to lose it..

I’ve written about this in my post ‘7 Fitness Industry Lies‘  but the weight loss they promise you just comes from a calorie deficit. There’s no super magical ingredient in weight loss teas or shakes that helps you, the majority of it is just a huge calorie deficit which can be achieved without going through the pain of drinking your calories in Bootea form 3 times a day, or having protein shakes for a meal which doesn’t exactly keep you full till dinner, let alone get you through the workout that is really going to help change your body shape.

You can reduce your calorie intake quite easily by making small, maintainable adjustments to your diet. This could be by limiting the alcohol you have on the weekend, cutting down on takeaways or having a small bit of dark chocolate each day instead of a huge binge at the weekend. Or this could be done even more dramatically by switching up food groups (i.e. pasta for butternut squash noodles or courgette, pizza for a cauliflower base, or pop chips instead of crisps’) as well as increasing your daily activity. Walk to work where you can, get up early for 45 mins of cardio and stick to 4-5 weight sessions a week! There’s so many ways you can increase expenditure and decrease your calorie intake which won’t result in you yo-yo’ing with your diet or being miserable when it comes to eating! I could name about 5000 but you’d be here all day.

Anyway, these are my tips for going the extra mile this summer. I better start sticking to them myself now..

Love From Laurie x




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