I’m a Sweaty Betty!

I am now a Sweaty Betty! I don’t just mean I’ve had a hard workout and I need to hit the shower, I mean that I’ve recently got a job at Sweaty Betty and now get to live and breathe its lifestyle (Sorry Nike I still love you) AND look fab whilst doing it, because I think everyone can say Sweaty Betty’s activewear is UN.REAL. From the quality to the fact you can wear it every single day, anywhere… I might as well sleep in it. I do work in the week too but as my competition gets closer and prep gets harder, it’ll be super good for me to keep busy so I’m not sitting at home thinking about how I want to eat every single piece of food I lay my eyes on… so I’ll be a busy bee 7 days a week, and doing something fun too! I get to chat to people about gym clothes and stuff all day, not really work??

I wanted to post this on International Woman’s Day but didn’t get round to it  – the reason being because the values & beliefs behind Sweaty Betty as well as how it started is ALL about empowering women. It is literally a rally of women inspiring other women, making clothes FOR women (which is so good because we all know what type of gym clothes we like- high waist sculpty bum etc), just women LOVING being women. Confidence, sass, sexy gym clothes.. yassssssssss.

So on that note, one of my beaut new gym kits… Head to toe Sweaty Betty. I’ve brought out the neon already CYA winter I am so ready for summer!!!!! What is your favourite brand to wear in the gym AND outside of it?!

 L x 


I absolutely love the zip up detail on the bra. And the back of it ….

I like to have a lot of support when I train and the zip does hold everything in.



So this is one of my favourite new outfits from SB. I’ve already trained in it and I love how comfy the leggings are. Squat proof, SO soft, yet sculpt and hold you in in all the right places with the perfect pocket for your phone at the back.


Let me know your thoughts..