Lily & Rose: A Guide to Glam 

I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I am just a little too afraid to go blingy. I’m the type of girl who normally has tiny hoop earrings or studs in her ears and never ever ever changes them. Half the time I forget I even have my ears pierced (sorry mumma for the times where I cried and threw a tantrum because you wouldn’t let me get my second holes done, lol)

For years my ears have been pierced with holes left right and centre, and I’m still not making the most out of it. I really do think that half the reason is because the earrings I own aren’t anything majorly special, or they’re ‘too much’ to wear everyday. Necklace and bracelet wise, unless it’s a small, thin chained and subtle  – I find that I don’t have any ‘wow’ statement pieces that would be worth making a fuss about.

Now as you well know, diamonds are a girls best friend. This has to be just down to the fact that when we see something sparkly, we immediately want to pick it up, look at it, and for some reason, put it on us (?)

I don’t go to events that often where I can get away with wearing such sparkly, stunning pieces that make me want to show absolutely everyone in the room, but these statement pieces from Lily & Rose have to be some of them most gorgeous pieces of jewellery I have ever owned.

You may call me extra, but I have been wearing this ring non-stop since I received it. A unique design with the gap between the big & small Swarovski crystal,  the ring is SO sparkly I don’t want to take it off. Something like this can be work on its own due to its large face, or worn together with this absolutely stunning matching bracelet I received below. I also wore this ring at my bikini competition on the weekend, and it was the perfect amount of glam! Have a look at it here in all the other colours it comes in.


As I mentioned before, I normally stick to pieces that are simple & subtle or ones that I can wear every day without having to take off for the gym or to shower. However, I couldn’t help myself with these pieces and I wanted to risk it, and got for something big, bold and beautiful to have to wear for events.

I have a wedding coming up and I cannot wait to wear this bracelet. It’s also not often that you buy an accessory first before buying an outfit. Accessories are their to complement it, and add that extra bit of ‘wow’, but I already know that I will be wearing these earrings to the wedding, and I’ll be finding a dress to match them because they really are the stars of the show. The colours pop and complement each other so well that they make even the most subtle, timid accessory wearer (moi) pick them up and want to parade round in them. I will NOT be telling anyone ‘gurl hold ma earrings’ – these are mine, & will be either permanently fixed to my ears or locked away so no one can get at them!

The yellow/orange is beautiful Topaz, and I have a ring to match which I bought directly from the mine in Sri Lanka. The colour is one of my absolute favourites for jewellery, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw these! I love all jewellery in this stone, as it is similar to canary yellow which I am obsessed with (sorry to my future hubby as I WILL be having a Kim K-esque canary yellow engagement ring..)

So now that you have seen my gorgeous pieces, here is a few tips on how I go glam when I really need to bring out that extra-ness.

Just do it. Don’t hold back – pair the BLING ring with the huge diamond earrings, and the matching bracelet. Matching jewellery always looks stunning and well-thought out. And it’s not every day rock the same jewellery! If you have a special event, pick something extra and I will be doing so for the wedding!

If you are going to dare to glare with your glam pieces, wear something either plain or a bold statement colour. I would recommend going with either a statement dress and subtle jewellery, or vice versa. To wear with my statement pieces I am going to try and find a dress that is a plain, bold colour – maybe a red or bright cobalt blue – but I will be keeping the print simple.

My third and final tip – GLOW UP. Accentuate the sparkle in your ear with the sparkle on yo’ damn face! Highlight is KEY for any glam situation, and I have just bought Opal highlighter from Becca Cosmetics and genuinely think that from this day forth my life has changed. The glow is so strong, and would look stunning paired with a twinkle in my ears. I also got the Liquid Glow Drops from Topshop in the colour Pheonix to wear underneath. Absolutely unreal! Pairing a liquid highlight with a powder one on top really does make such a huge difference!

Hope these tips encourage you to get extra sassy with your sparkle, and make sure you check out all of Lily & Rose’s gorgeous glamourous bits here.




Let me know your thoughts..