Makeup At The Gym? Do’s & Don’ts

I love beauty and skincare. I also love the gym. I think this is a bit of a controversial subject. I know some of girls see others with makeup on in the gym and think HUN this isn’t a fashion show save that for Saturday night when you forget about the gym and get smashed on a bottle of your fave vino bcos #balance (p.s. that’s not me… I hate wine)

But then I would say that the majority of girls also don’t like looking like compete & utter shite in public. What if a really muscly Prince Charming comes into the gym and asks you to move out of the way of the mirror so he can look at himself flexing his bi’s for the perfect selfie????

I’m only joking but personally I am impartial to this topic. Some days I wear 0 makeup In public because I actually donutttt care. But, if I’ve come to the gym from somewhere else and happen to have makeup on I’m not gonna cry about not being able to take it off. Hell, if I wake up one morning and look like Kasper the ghost with bags as large as Kimmy K’s Givenchy’s then I MIGHT even attempt to cover them up with concealer. Shoot me!

Funny bizznizz aside, I do try to wear as little makeup as poss to the gym just because I don’t like the thought of getting all sweaty & gross with makeup on. We all know that it’s not good for our skin! So I thought I’d give you my top tips to makeup in the gym whether or not you’re going to wear it. My absolute favourite beauty & skin guru is Caroline Hirns, I suggest you all go on her website, she’s like a magician when it comes to skin and completely changed the game for me! I’ll post the link to her website at the bottom.

  • Do try and exercise WITHOUT makeup. Obvs mascara isn’t gonna make much of a difference to your skin and you can keep your brows on if you don’t have any without makeup LOL, but wearing a full coat of foundation when you’re about to work your bottom off means that layer of makeup will just be sitting, sinking into your skin. Sweat + makeup = asking spots to come for ya.
  • Always hydrate your skin with a light moisturiser before gym! I learnt this from Caroline – your skin will need the moisture as you’ll be sweating a load of it out.
  • If you’re a yogi, or even more important, a HOT yoga yogi… HYDRATE with moisturiser or a facial oil before working out! (after cleansing obvs). Also do this if you’re about use the steam room or sauna. You will sweat and dehydrate the shiii out yourself so do this to prevent your face coming out all red, patchy and unhappy.
  • If you are going to wear makeup to the gym; try concealer instead of full foundation. None is best but we all get massive spots sometimes that you think has its own personality so if you’re desperate to cover him up, just conceal. (Conceal don’t feel don’t let them knowwwwww LET IT GOOOOO just came into my head. I miss Christmas & Olaf).

Concealer, brows and a tinted vaseline or something, that should do the trick. But if you do want to wear more makeup and don’t care about it, or if you’re in a rush from work and don’t want to have to go through the whole cleansing & removing makeup routine etc. Then don’t worry what anyone else thinks anyway. It’s silly to think that people judge girls for wearing makeup in the gym like it’s going to make any difference to how many calories THEY burn or how heavy THEY lift. I try not to wear it because I try to look after my skin as best as poss, but if I wanted to look fleeky whilst squatting I WOULD and I’d do it with a perfectly lipsticked pout. So there.

Love L x

Caroline Hirons –


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