Mint Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Long are the days that I could make a batch of cookie dough, and instead of actually making the cookies just eat the dough straight and get away with it without putting on a pound. 

I really took those days for granted when my metabolism was at the rate of a small child – why didn’t I eat more?! I wish I had been as much of a foodie back then as I am now…. 

Anyway, it just leaves me wanting to make the next best alternative to real cookie dough, and one that is much lower in calories so I can get away with eating it straight out the mixing bowl..

This lead me to this quick little recipe which makes 10 cookie dough bites. I ate these bites on their own, took them to work for snacks and also put them inside other Muffins I made. They takes about 10 mins to make and are only 36 calories per bite!


40g Oat Flour (I grounded up Mornflake Oats)

11g Dessicated Coconut

10ml Maple Syrup

15g Conscious Chocolate Mint Flavour

25ml Chocolate Ufit Protein Drink


Ground up the flour, and to it add the coconut and mix round with a fork. 

Slowly add the Ufit Chocolate Mill so it makes a wet oat paste.

Before rolling it into balls, chop up your chocolate into chocolate bits (I kept mine quite chunky) and mix into the bowl with a fork so they are evenly spread.

Then add your maple syrup, and whilst doing so take even amounts of mixture and roll them into 10 balls.

Put in the fridge for minimum one hour to make them hard. Take as a snack to work or put them in Muffins like I did here



Let me know your thoughts..