Mornings with Mornflake

Mornings with Mornflake on a Monday.. wouldya look at that hey?! Hey wasssup hello guys sorry i’ve been a teeny bit slower on the blog posts since i’ve been back from being Dora the Explorer 👩🏽‍🚒 but it’s hard to type when you’re fingers are so chubbs now after all the christmas treats that one finger tap hits 5 letters at a time 🤰🏼 JOKES HUN JOKES I was just waiting  for the perfect time to come back with a bang to start my little review section of my blog, and what better time to start than now – a fresh new year, and I can already see it’s gonna be a good’n!

Thought I’d start with my favourites as I’ve been lucky enough to be receiving some ab fab goodies from Mornflake and I want to tell you all about them. Because if you’re a protein porridge oat proat lover like moi, these will drastically change your life. Ok maybs bit of an exaggeration but they will honestly make mornings (and any time of the day you eat oats cos it’s acceptable whatever time gurl don’t worry do you) so so much better. Here’s why fitfam;

Firstly, I normally v v v much dislike eating oats with just water. I think the majority of the time they taste bland, boring and basic (insert snapchat dog filter 🐶) Butttt the little pots of oats that Mornflake have actually taste so delish even just using hot water, and that’s saying so from someone who usually drowns their oats in dark choc almond milk (also try that it is magical 🙌🏽). You leave the oats in the pot they come in, fill hot water up to the line shown, mix it around, pop the lid back on and 3 mins later WAHBLAM you have the creamiest creation of oats. For the plain pots I add my whey in after the water and it blends so well with these oats. If it couldn’t get any better, the plain pots which are the perfect size come with a sachet of Nutella. 15g right thurrr waiting to be dolloped on top like the heavenly finisher it is 💕

Pot numero 2 is for all you chocaholics out there – they have a chocolate oat flavour pot which has insanely good macros too and tastes bellllissssimo 💋. I literally have nothing bad to say about Mornflake products. I’ll put the macros for each below so you can see for yo’self.

And it doesn’t stop there parce que my lovely pals at Mornflake also sent me their Superfast Oats. If you’re not about that small pot life, want a massive bowl of oats to mix with your protein but cba for oats that take so long on the hob and don’t really absorb the water and just stay hard and weird? Do you know what I mean?? Hope so but anyway, the super fast oats are dead quick to cook and come out sooo creamy. They are a little bit lower in protein, but that prob can be solved by adding your own protein.

Also you know me I love my little macro-friendly recipes. Chuck the above in your mixtures, smoothies, protein brownies, muffins, cakes etc and have a banging banana bread bonanzaaaaaa. (I said that cos they’re also the ONE to use in nana bread but #regrets)

Macros are below Mornflakers. I feel like I could make ‘Mornflakers’ a thing? Kind of like ‘Beliebers’… What do you think Mornflake? No? Okay no probs. Go get em’ anyway my friends! (Mornflakers)

Top Porridge (Plain oat pots with Nutella) Per pot with H2O & the Nutella sachet.

Kcals – 314

Fat – 8.8g 

Carbs – 44.4g

Protein – 11.8g

Choc Flavour Oats with added Soya protein per pot

Kcals – 293

Fat – 4.6g

Carbs – 43.7g

Protein – 16.8g (for a bowl of oats how sick is that?!)

Superfast Oats per 40g 

Kcals – 147

Fat – 3.4g

Carbs – 22.4g

Protein – 4.8g

Hope these make your mornings as magical as mine xxx






Let me know your thoughts..