Morzine & Avoriaz

Firstly, watch my latest YouTube Vlog as it shows the realllll stuff we get up to..

Secondly, I need to keep up with these travelling blog posts because in fairness, I’ve travelled a hella lotta places especially in the last year! I found it so helpful reading other people’s travel tips who were my age wanting to do the same thing, so hopefully this can help someone.
This is a bit of a different one as it was more of a family holiday, but I’ve got some banging food recommendations (the most important part of any trip, right?) and other bits and bobs 🍕🍗

We fly into Geneva, and take an hour’s car ride to a little chalet we rent off my Mumma’s friend in Morzine, and it’s beautiful. Really good location as it’s a 5/10 min walk from the main ski lifts in Morzine (Le Pleney & the Super Morzine which takes you over to the other side of the mountains where you can ski round to Avoriaz & Switzerland) – this is where Snowboxx Festival is & lots of good places to Apres.. ⛷

One of the reasons we like Morzine is because of how easy it is to get to everywhere as you can also ski over to Switzerland. How mad is it that you can actually just hop on your skis and an hour or so later you’re in a different country?! Although I wouldn’t know because it all looks the same to me, I was never trusted with the piste map..

Morzine is perfect if you’re looking for a chilled, relaxing time out but also want the option to go get steaming. Morzine itself suits families and older people, but the boys stayed over in Avoriaz a couple times and the bars over there fit a young crowd, loud music and lots of drunk uni students lobbing themselves down the mountains and hoping for the best (that includes my brothers, but they’ve left Uni so don’t have that excuse). The best apres bars to go to – Snowboxx, Apres (it’s called that), Bistro, and Igloo.

The snow wasn’t so great this year unfortunately. I think it’s just been a rubbish season for snow but the few days before we’d arrived, it was boiling hot so melted a whole load of it and then we didn’t really see much more snowfall! Bit of an irrelevant point but you can ski to the top on one side where you can see the mountain Mont Blanc.. pretty cool I thought?! I’d of taken a pic but the clouds were in the way so here’s another random pretty mountain.

I spent the week absolutely freezing (my brothers are convinced something’s wrong with me and I’m getting ill) so I had to wear so many layers each day, my auntie even gave me foot warmers to put into my boots and then SHOCK that afternoon it turned into an absolute scorcher and I basically burnt my tootsies off lols. On our last day it was absolutely boiling and we were skiing down in just one layer (2 or 3 for me) but sunglasses and sun tan lotion on too! I was so happy this year because I managed to do my first black run. I’ve been skiing three times now and am still pretty rubbish but I made it down without falling over! Yay ⛷

Anyway let me get onto the most important part. Food.

La Ratonde.

This is a Morzine MUST. We had to make sure we came back to this restaurant as last year it made our trip – you can cook your own meat on a BBQ slate on your table; chicken, steak, duck, bacon 😍 and THE best chips around. Even better is that for €25, it’s unlimited. Unlimited meat, unlimited chips, unlimited salad. Such good value considering we pretty much ate a cow each and even I couldn’t fit in dessert..

La Tyrolien

If you love Pizza, you HAVE to go here. It was, (this is a big big big statement for me as I’m obsessed) THE BEST PIZZA IVE EVER HAD. Ever. A thin, crispy base with as many toppings as you want and they’re not shy on putting them on either.. I could have had that pizza every day for the rest of my days! Straight 10/10. That is saying something especially as I’m normally an advocate for a thick and doughy crust not thin and crispy!

They also did one of the nicest desserts I’ve ever had too. Ask for the chocolate cake (can’t remember the name but it begins with an M).. it’s a huge, thick soft cake that is sort of a mixture between a cake and a brownie. I can’t even tell you how good it was. Hopefully you trust my judgement as a massive foodie and dessert monster! 🐷 We also had a chocolate and nut tart which was a crispy shortbread base, filled with dark chocolatey ganache with peanuts. To die for!

Obviously you can’t go to France and not have a Nutella crepe. The best ones are done by the cutest little lady, just over the crossroads down from the Le Pleney lift. (She has short brown hair, super friendly and doesn’t make you pay more for extra Nutella..) obviously every time I get a pancake I always have to ask for extra because some people can be so stingy!! One time in Thailand I gave mine back because she was literally making me pay for the tiniest bit of Nutella and every time I said put more on it was like the crumbs – you know when there’s hardly any left it goes crumbly !!??)  Not on hun sorry x

One of our favourite lunch spots this year was in the sun, in a restaurant straight in front of the Le Pleney ski lift (Le Templin hotel). The boys said they had an amazing burger – it was a thick cheesey burger with delicious crispy fries! I had to have an omelette because #preplife/eaten too much already but even that was delicious and you can’t compare the fresh French bread either!

Obviously there is a normal supermarket called Casino, just along from the Morzine square of shops where you can buy all normal food. There’s also plenty of bakeries and bread shops to fill you right up with loads of treats, so you’ll never go hungry in Morzine!

It’s not been a too detailed post but hopefully this will be helpful if anyone ever heads that way!


Let me know your thoughts..