Oppo Oat Cookies

What better way to start Friday than with ice cream & cookies? I’ve been wanting to have an ice cream cookie sandwich for SO long & as Oppo very kindly sent me some ice cream to sample, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to put it to good use (other than shoving the whole tub down my gob in one go bcos easily done).

Starting with the ice cream- out of the two flavours; Mint Chocolate Chip & Salted Caramel, the latter is definitely my favourite. I’m not kidding when I say for a low calorie ice cream (which btw there isn’t reaaaally many other contenders?) the taste is a straight 10. I would probably choose this over a lot of other ice creams.

Not only are the macros so good that you can get away with eating a large portion of the tub, if not all, in one go, but the taste of salted caramel is strong but not too much, and genuinely tastes like salted caramel as well. Not a fake, sickly taste, but a genuine salted caramel taste. Is that the worst way to explain it, or?

If my really rubbish chat isn’t good enough to let you know my feels on Oppo, then this might tip you over the edge. Even my Dad i.e. man who likes to oppose everything/anything just for bants slash sudden ice cream conisseure (?!) agreed that it was very good. Very good in G-Force (dad’s) books means it’s up there with the big dogs. He even tried to take more than the teaspoon I allowed him (watch my YouTube vid to find out about my food sharing habits).

Anyway, so now you know I’m obsessed with the ice cream. Which btw I have also turned into a evening ritual to have 100g of Oppo, topped with Kellogg’s Peanut Clusters after seeing them on @proteinchef’s insta story and I WISH I hadn’t seen it because you’re right, they’re SO ADDICTIVE one minute I’ve had a few clusters, the next minute my macros have been topped in 3 bites?! Fgs. 

Ok Lozzy the ice cream & toppers are good. Moving on. 

I made these cookies using just a few ingredients; banana, coconut, oats & raisins. Which means they’re super low calorie, & make the perfect ice cream sandwich biscuit..?

The banana gives it the sweetness, the oats the crunch & the raisins give that chewy vibe. A whole load going on.

To make them, I literally just mixed;

  • 40g oats
  • 100g banana 
  • 10g dessicated coconut
  • 20g raisins

In a bowl, rolled them into 5 balls, flattened them slightly onto a tray & cooked for 20-25 mins at 175c. 

Once baked, I let them cool, then put my desired Oppo on top of one of the cookies. Made a sandwich with the other cookie; and voila.

Enjoy, L x 


Let me know your thoughts..