Overhead Tricep Extensions!

This is just a quick one for those looking for exercises to target the tricep muscle.  The tricep (back of your arm in another way of explaining) is where a lot of people find their fat is more stubborn in this area- when I was prepping, my arms were the last place to come in in terms of looking shredded.  Obviously it’s not isolation exercises that are going to get your arms looking muscular- diet will be key to losing that fat to show off your muscles, but this is one exercise that I do that targets the tricep, and as this muscle makes up the majority of your arm, training it will definitely make a difference with getting that shape.

This exercise is a standing overhead tricep extension. You stand straight with the weight above your head, lowering it behind your head and back up as shown. I superset this with a bicep exercise 💃🏽


Here is the names of a few other tricep isolating exercises you can do:

  • Tricep Dips
  • Tricep Kickback
  • Skull Crushers
  • Cable Rope Pull Downs

There are also a lot of compound exercises (exercises which involve more than one muscle group/joint) you can do to get the tri’s burning like close grip bench press!

Have a go because nobody likes bingo wings 😆


Let me know your thoughts..