Prutella Souffle

Another of Chad & I’s recipe testers.. This time it was a recipe from Muscle Foods – their Prutella Soufflé. As a Nutella fiend I would have preferred to use the real thing (which you can do) but their Prutella is the closest thing to a macro-friendly chocolate spread I’ve found yet. In the end it turned out really good! It was quite a light desert but definitely satisfied sugar cravings and they turn out quite big too – i’m not about those small deserts that you can eat in two mouthfuls ya know? It’s only two ingredients so you can’t really complain. Charlie dropped his on the floor before he could take a picture hahaha but as you can see from mine 😏 they rose nicely and had a really light and fluffy texture! Definitely give it a go if you’re looking for something quick and filling.

Ingredients (per souffle) 

  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Tbsp of Prutella (approx 50g) or Nutella if you have the macros 💔


  • Put your tbsp of Prutella into a bowl
  • With two eggs, separate the whites from the yolk and put the yolks in with the prutella, and mix it up.
  • Put the egg whites in another bowl (large) and using a whisk, whip them up until they peak
  • Put the egg whites back into the prutella bowl and mix it all up
  • Put the mixture into a ramekin dish or a oven bowl of your choice and cook for 15 mins at about 185-190c.

Tadaaaa 💃🏽



Let me know your thoughts..