Reverse Diet Struggles…

In the running up to my show and the last few (25 lol) weeks of my diet, all I could think about was what I was going to eat after.. I have such a big sweet tooth, my phone camera roll was filled with pictures of foods and recipes of sweet treats I had got from Instagram, and I said I was going to make and eat them ALL after. I spent so much time procrastinating at work looking at food posts and recipes… speaking to my friends who also compete they said they do the same which made me feel a little better about how obsessed with food I was!

To my surprise, I didn’t eat as much as I expected the two days after my show. I knew that in the weeks after my show I would have to reverse diet so that my metabolism could catch up so I wouldn’t just put on a load of weight really quickly. I had a few days of relaxed diet after my show and ate my fair share of treats (one night I stuck to my macros the whole day and was doing so well, then went and smashed two meals and a desert at Mcdonalds- I blame my friend Charlie for that one). I tried to get back on track after that, but knowing that the competition was out the way I found it very difficult to stick so closely to my diet. I also went on holiday a week after my show, and wanted to enjoy myself and the foods that were out there. So I let myself relax and ate pretty much whatever I wanted, within reason.

Despite this, I couldn’t help (and still cant sometimes) but get stressed about my condition now compared to on show day. I knew it would be difficult to see my body go from being so conditioned, to a lot softer, but I underestimated how hard it would be. I know a lot of it is psychological, but even on holiday I found myself stressing about my weight, whether I had put on weight, and whether it was noticeable (so much so that I ended up doing cardio pretty much every day on holiday)- but given the amount of food I ate, it was necessary! I knew I was going to put on weight, but I think every competitor can say it’s difficult seeing the condition you’ve worked so hard for months on, disappear or decrease in such a short amount of time.

Because I let myself relax whilst I was away, I wanted to get rid of the excess water weight and  extra weight I had put on when I was away, and decided to do Lyle Mcdonald’s rapid fat loss diet for just 5 days, last week (depletion). Doing so got me to a weight that I am happy with, not too far off stage weight, and I can now go into my reverse diet properly, and start off-season with a look I am satisfied with. Already, being back in control of my diet and macros has helped so much psychologically with how I see myself and my body. I’m now a lot less stressed about the fact i’m not in stage condition, which I know is very extreme and impossible to maintain all year round, and i’m getting used to having a softer look. I’m now more concerned with being able to have a lot more energy for workouts, and using this and the extra food (which I also can’t wait for) to build up a better shape for next time round!

Overall my experience with the competition and dieting has definitely had its ups and downs. At some points, I will admit my relationship with food has been unhealthy- being so restricted and then bingeing on food is the worst thing you can do! But its also been a massive learning curve. I set a goal and have achieved it, and even though its not for everyone and some might see it as too much or too extreme, i’m proud of the achievement, and am more than excited for the next one!

My first bite of heaven after my show hahaha…. I couldn’t be happier


And a few of the post- comp treats! My fam and friends baked me SO many things, I still have stuff in the freezer!


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A cake especially made for a pie (me) Marshmallow Rocky Roads & Oreo stuffed brownie cookie dough cupcakes (credit to Mumma Solano + Milly Hobbs) <3


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