Skincare Saviours – My Top Tips

Winter. It’s well on its way. Some people might not be so happy with that and want to cling on to summer for as long as poss (I have only just been on my summer holiday) But if like me, you’re the ultimate Christmas Fairy and cannot WAIT for winter to come THRU so you can sing Christmas carols and watch Frozen, Elf and Love Actually about 37194 times – then sit down in your fluffy PJ’s, grab a hot chocolate and hot water bottle and read my top tips & best products for winter skin.

Now winter is the best season of the year obviously due to it being Christmas, but it’s probably one of the worst for your skin for a number of reasons. We’ve only just come into Autumn and already I’ve had a cold for about 3 weeks = a lot of nose blowing and sniffling = A dry, red, sore nose! That combined with constant heating from your house or office, to then back out in the cold, back in to a hot room, etc etc can really dry out your skin and leave it very unhappy.

In addition to that, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that one of the most frustrating things is putting makeup onto dry skin. It just doesn’t work. For about the 5 mins that it stays on your face it just looks flakey and you’re better off not wearing any. So to avoid this temporary skin disaster that ain’t NOBODY got time for, here are a few tips I go by:

1. Stay hydrated. For our skin to keep fresh and glowy it has got to be hydrated, and not just on the outside. Making sure you’re drinking enough water (very minimum 2L per day I’d say!) will help keep your skin hydrated on the outside.

2. Invest in a good moisturiser. I always think to myself that we’re so willing to spend a lot of money on clothes, handbags, shoes – but not so much on our skin. When really, it should be the other way round! Our skin goes through daily battles from pollution, to being rubbed up against pillows, clothes, itched, scratched, kissed (ooh) so we need to protect it – My favourite moisturisers are ESPA or La Roche Posay, or Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream Protection. If you haven’t tried her products or 8 hour cream/balm you NEED to.

3. Avoid a drying cleanser. Taking off your makeup is such a ball-ache and we often just want to do it as quick as possible, but to ensure we don’t dry out our skin we need to avoid drying products. I stay away from face wipes (unless I’m blind drink and it’s a miracle I’m taking my makeup off in the first place), foaming cleansers, or any products with a lot of chemicals in.

4. Use a facial balm or an oil to take off your makeup. At first this was such a weird concept to me. I thought that surely if I was using a thick balm or gloopy oil to take off my makeup, it was going to stick and clog my pores or give me spots. But, using a balm and oil to take off my makeup has made a huge difference to the texture of my skin. I love Emma Hardie’s balm, Caroline Hiron’s balm from her Pixi Beauty range or The Body Shop’s Camomile oil to take off my makeup. It’s so easy to do as well; after taking off your eye makeup with remover, rub a balm or oil on in circular motions so it breaks down your makeup. Then using a damp, warm muslin cloth or flannel, carefully take off the oil/balm. You can then second wash with your chosen cleanser – yes, I wash my face twice – Caroline Hirons told me so and it’s a miracle!

5. Use a facial oil. If my skin ever needs a treat, I use a facial oil at night after my normal skincare routine. Just a few drops, massaged into my skin makes such a massive difference when I wake up the next day. Less dry, more dewy, and more glowy! I also put it under my makeup if I’m wanting an extra glowy look. I literally swear by Pixi Beauty’s facial oil. It smells insane and does such a good job at keeping skin as nourished as possible.

What are your top tips for keeping your skin hydrated? I’d love to know! L x


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