Vietnam: Dalat

On from Hoi An, we actually stopped over at a place called Nha Trang in order to break up the huge 18 hour bus trip to Dalat. We only stayed in Nha Trang for one night, arriving early in the morning  (sleeping the majority of the day), hitting the beach for an hour or so then eating & heading back to bed again.. travelling really does take it out of you I tell ya! Also it’s true what every backpacker that’s passed through Nha Trang says; Nha Trang really is Russian central! Some people hate it, we quite liked it – it’s a bit more westernised than the previous places we’d been to in Vietnam, so it felt a bit more of a holiday environment rather than authentic Vietnam so it had its pro’s & cons.

The next morning we left early doors to get to one of my favourite places in Vietnam; Dalat. We arrived in the afternoon and were welcomed to the hostel ‘Dalat Family Hostel’ with open arms from the hostel Mum ‘Big Mumma’. Once you start travelling round the hostels you’ll notice that most hostel mums absolutely love you and make you feel so welcome it’s so cute. But this hostel was definitely something special.

After welcome drinks & fruit, we spent our first evening chilling out meeting everyone else, getting to know them over a lovely dinner served by the hostel family which seated everyone down together at 5pm. That’s the main thing I loved about this hostel; you could get into town for dinner if you wanted to, but every night dinner was served at 5pm for as cheap as 50k, and it meant we were all always together like a big family (not to mention that the food kept on coming & it was delicious, just wait till you try their famous banana pancake 😍).

After a long sleep in our 16 man dorm (beds all very close together up the wooden stairs into an attic type room so be prepared to get cosy 👀) we woke up bright and early to head to our first trip in Dalat; canyoning. This is the number 1 activity to do in Dalat, and as a big group of newly made pals we had the best day and here’s why!


After a short drive from the hostel we arrived at a huge forest, the weather a little rainy but all buzzing to get going. After being kitted out in not so safe protective gear where the life jackets were 10 sizes too big, and a few practice attempts abseiling off a tree, we set off on our adventure. We abseiled down about 4 cliffs which were all met by  waterfalls and rivers. You get to do cliff jumping, starting with a scary 7m jump then an 11m if you dare.. I literally had to run & throw myself off that one with my eyes closed, 11m is a lot higher than it sounds!! As far as a workout in Dalat went, this was it, as a full day abseiling and then the 45 min hike back literally wrecked us & we were frank marvin & knackered by the time we got home.

The Secret Tour

Now this one is an experience you’ll never ever ever EVER forget. I can’t tell you what it is (hence the name & I’m no snitch 🤓) but the clues are that it involves a tribal sort of experience you can’t even begin to describe to others and do it justice. It’s a ‘see for yourself’ sort of experience, and one that completely opened my eyes to a whole new culture & way of living (so incredible & thought provoking it actually made me emosh…). So just do it ok??

Places to go out… 🍹

Funnily enough, because the hostel is a little far out from Dalat City they have actually made a little ‘club’ at the front of the hostel. After dinner everyone moves into this wooden hut that has a fully stocked bar, music, lights & perfectly sized beer pong tables. What else do you need really?

If you do wanna go ‘out out’ for a few bevvys you can get a taxi to ‘Maze Bar’ or ‘Rain Bar’. We didn’t go to Rain but Maze bar is definitely somewhere you should visit just to check out the never ending corridors that you get lost in until you finally end up at the bar & can reward all that effort with a strong drink.. prices are a little fancy tho!

So with Dalat, everything kind of revolves around the hostel & the activities from there. I absolutely loved my stay there and it’s a very popular choice for Backpackers so I’d definitely recommend!


Let me know your thoughts..