Vietnam: Hoi An

After Hue, we went to Hoi An. This was one of my favourite places 😘

We hopped on the bus again and got to Hoi An around brunch, and stayed at Sunflower Hostel. It’s a big hostel, and we were deciding between that and one called Dk’s (same chain as downtown backpackers in Hanoi & Hue). It’s a pretty big hostel with spacious dorms, a pool & finally a good room with air con! Everything is pretty much in walking distance; it’s right on a little road full of restaurants and little shops so location is ideal. There’s two beaches, one to the right of the hostel which apparently isn’t as nice, & then one to the left (you can ask anyone for directions) which you can get to by bike, we hired push bikes all day for less than a £ & just biked down, spent the day at the beach then biked back up whenever! It was so handy & a beaut way to see Hoi An!

– Here was where I found an actual gym for the first time in a while, albeit it was small, no air con & half of it outside but it definitely did the job even though it was super old school.. home made squat rack and all that 😅 it was called Son Phong Gym Club, just a 5 min walk or cycle to the left of Sunflower Hostel. It cost 50k to use (£1.80 ish) and the people there are really nice (even though clearly super surprised to see a white girl using the gym 😂). Super super super hot though so remember your towel 😳💦

Things to do in Hoi An:
Hoi An is such a chilled place, and we ended up staying for 3/4 days which travelling wise is a decent amount of time at one stop. As mentioned before, we spent a couple of the days at the beach which after a mad few weeks of Vietnam cities it was much needed!
– Tailoring
A lot of people get tailoring done in Hoi An. Sooo many shops along every road offer the service. You can take a picture of literally anything you want to have made tailored exactly to your body type, and they’ll do it for you within a day or two. You go back for a couple of fittings to make sure everything’s perfect, so it’s amazing service & the quality of the stuff we had made was really good. We were recommended a tailors called ‘BB’s’ which is just a 5 min cycle up the road.
– Ancient Town
The special part of Hoi An is the ancient town. It’s basically a part of Hoi An which is solely lit up by lanterns. It’s so beautiful to walk down at night; cobbled roads & ancient buildings and shops surrounded by hundreds of multicoloured lanterns above your head. It’s like something out of a movie it’s unreal!
– Floating Candles
If you walk further through the ancient town you can get to the river, where ladies on the famous bridge sell little candles that you can put into the water and make a wish as they float down. So cute. (Instagram worthy 😎😅)

Places to eat
– Bamboo Chicken was our first stop. Really cheap, delicious fresh food cooked there & then. On the same road as the hostel.
– Morning Glory. BEST restaurant in Vietnam hands down. Sooo many people had recommended this and it didn’t disappoint – it is a little more expensive than your average Vietnamese meal but so so worth it for one night at least. Fresh red snapper fish, BBQ chicken, rice that wasn’t sticky & white… UNREAL! That’s in the ancient town & its best to either book or get there early and expect to have to queue a little while!
– Uy Viet Coffee Bean – this is right next to the gym. If you don’t know already, Vietnamese coffee is a little different to ours. It’s basically super super sweet because they use condensed milk in it (what we shove in puddings & desserts 🍨) and that’s what gives it the most amazing taste 😍 not particularly healthy but the coffee at this place was so delicious and so cheap so worth definitely checking out! 👌🏽


Let me know your thoughts..