Vietnam: Hue

Hue was our next stop after Phong Nha. Another bus at 4am and we arrived around 8am. Our bus stop was just around the corner to our hostel which was again Vietnam Backpackers (same as the one in Hanoi). It’s a lot smaller & a bit more tame than the Hanoi backpackers but it’s in a really good location, right in the heart of Hue & surrounded by some really cool shops and restaurants.

Gym wise I got a good workout here. There are a number of hotels around the hostel and I just googled which ones had gyms & quite a few came up, but on the way home from visiting a temple or somewhere (yes, another temple πŸ™„) I just popped into the hotel on the next road from the hostel & asked if I could use it. It cost me 80,000 (about Β£3) and we had use of their gym & pool which wasn’t a bad deal!

The gym was a tiny room with just one of those multi apparatus things, but it had a few free weights there too so we did a full body workout, using weights & bodyweight as well as my beloved resistance bands 😍 we worked up a SWEAT to tell ya the least. (Clips on @nikesandnutella).

Funniest thing was we asked to use their hot showers but the security was having none of it, so whilst he wasn’t looking we snuck into an unused hotel room & took a quick shower 😎 Walking out behind his back was actually so scary πŸ˜‚ little rebels I know….

Things to do in Hue

Not gonna lie it wasn’t my favourite place, I don’t think there’s tonnes of interesting things to do there but they do have lots of cute coffee shops – go to T Coffee Shop (on the same street as the hostel) & DMZ bar (directly opposite that), they do delish coffee. At T Coffee Shop you can get the most amazing coconut coffee, kind of like a frappe it’s so thick & creamy. Amazing & is only 40,000 which is just over Β£2.

– The Emperors Palace
We went here on our first day just to have a wonder round. You can see where he had all his rooms laid out and it is massive to be fair, quite interesting to see how big it was and all the extravagant details. Got some of the old ruins there. How many rooms did Kings need in those days tho like srsly?!
– Abandoned Waterpark
We didn’t go here because you have to get motorbikes or pay for a taxi & we CBA but it’s meant to be quite cool, it’s a waterpark that didn’t finish being built so everything’s all over grown and creepy so if you’re into that it’s for you!
– Tomb
There’s also a tomb you could visit (again we didn’t cos of transport) but also meant to be good – if you ask reception at your hostel they’ll give you a map & a guide of things to do.
– Lotus Spa
Now instead of doing what normal backpackers should be doing aka all the above, we sacked it off & went for a massage instead πŸ˜‚ it cost us 250,000 (about a tenner) for a 60 min full body hot stone massage, and it was sooo good. Compare that to prices at home and you’re onto a winner! Really lovely staff too that treat you like queens from the moment you arrive! πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

– In Hue what stood out was a delicious French restaurant we went to. Turn right out of Vietnam Backpackers hostel & its straight down on the left (soz can’t remember the name) but it’ll be obvious. It’s a tiny bit more expenny than street food obvs but all the food is super fresh & really delicious. Faaaancy (for a backpacker)
– Little Italy πŸ• we really fancied a pizza or pasta after our workout so thought we’d treat ourselves. There’s a Little Italy right round the corner from the hostel. Just google maps that ishhh for a banging meal! All the food in restaurants in Hue around the hostel is a bit more expensive I found!

We were only in Hue two nights I think. Didn’t really rate it so one would probably have been enough!


Let me know your thoughts..