Staying Organised With Fact + Fiction

If I knew what the key to being organised was, I’d have a consistently tidy room, my meals prepped on Sundays for the week ahead, and my diary planned out with the day’s colour coordinated and timings set to perfection…

Buttttt.. unfortunately as I’ve got older I haven’t become better at doing more of the above – instead I’m constantly losing things, leaving bits here and there and having to rush back to places to scrummage through my horrendously untidy room to find something hidden at the bottom of a drawer. Stressful, annoying & quite frustrating tbh!

In fairness and giving myself a little bit of slack, I basically live between my home and my boyfriends flat so every few days we’re at one or the other. There’s no structure to our living arrangements as we live so close (half a blessing, half a pain) it’s easy to just decide on the day where we’re going to stay that night. It normally comes down to whether there’s food in the flat or whether Sam needs to get force fed by my mum. For some reason Stace looooves to feed people that come to ours until they can’t move? Must be a mum thing.

The downside to being only a few mins from each other is that I can’t remember where I’ve left stuff or whether it’s at his or mine (normally results in him driving me back at 10 at night to pick up whatever I’ve forgotten). It’s frustrating because it makes me feel so stupid and disorganised, it’s a small thing but it’s actually not nice feeling forgetful at such a young age. I should be able to multitask and have organised mess, not have a worse memory than my Grandma!

I also HATE having an untidy room, but when I’m panic packing my bag every night or morning I can’t help but throw things everywhere in the hope to find what I need. Then I don’t have the time to tidy it up after because I’d rather watch Peaky Blinders lying on a pile of my clothes than fold them away.

This post comes with meaning and purpose, I promise! I’ve jotted down a few things that I’ve recently found have helped me to be more organised. And this is when I’m organised enough to be organised. Does that make sense? Probs not.

1) I know it’s long and boring, and takes up a few hours of your Sunday but prepping your food for the week is key. I hardly ever do this because I’m lazy af but on the rare occasion I do, it cuts down so much time during the week I would usually spend making our lunches. I can get to bed early, watch 2 episodes of Peaky (obsessed) or just chill out. I’m always faffing around after the gym, making our lunches until the late hours (yes, Sammy gets his dinners and lunches made for him in exchange for doing 147385 other things for me..) when I could be doing better things, like packing my bag or tidying my room…

This brings me on nicely to the bag situation – for you stylish huns, taking a gym bag to work isn’t the cutest. They don’t tend to be pretty, adhere to match every outfit and most of them, if they’re comfy, they don’t look good! (like the trainers or school shoes your mum would make you get in school) But one of the key things that’s helped me to look good whilst also being organised, is my Fact + Fiction bag.

It’s beautiful! But asides from its soft leather exterior and golden zips, (don’t know why my description is so sensual) it’s SO handy. Reasons being;

⁃ It’s big enough to carry my laptop

⁃ It has 3 separate compartments inside, a thick panel that separates the main bit of the bag, and a zippy section.

⁃ It’s a backpack but it’s cute – I went for the nude colour as my work outfits are often quite basic so it matches pretty much everything but it’s also easy to carry.

⁃ The main one… it has a section at the bottom for your gym trainers! For the modern day gal who likes to hit the gym straight before or after work, this bag is ideal because you can fit your kit in but you don’t need to stink your office out with your trainers!

The stitching and quality of the bag is fab and it can carry all my stuff in without straining – I literally shove everything in it from my laptop to my lunch, trainers, and endless list of snacks. You can have a look at their collections here;

For all the men reading this, it would actually be a really cute Valentines day present for your girl! It’s something a bit more thoughtful than standard perfume, it’s fashionable and so so handy. Speaking of Valentines day gifts, I have sorted the best one for Sam (but also for me).. I know men aren’t the huge fan of flowers, so it’s a little twist on that – a Donut Bouqet! 

This is the cutest little present that arrives looking so pretty and almost too good to eat! I had mine delivered in a box which meant it didn’t spoil and they tasted really good too so it was just a really cute way to do something different. I’ll definitely be using these guys for future events so you should check them out! I’ve posted mine here – @lovefromlaurie 

Enjoy! L x


Let me know your thoughts..