Strawberries & Cream Protein Pancakes

Hello fitty fitfam I’m back with a recipe for the first time in a long time (YOU KNOW IIIIII… that was for you Drizzy fans) and I hope you’re all excited! Also hope you like nikesandnutella’s cute new little layout for 2017 🎀 all sophisticated and stuff 💁🏼 Now lemme get right too it!

Ok before I get right too it I’m gonna chat a little more (sorry hunz). So as my macros are still pretty high at the mo, it’s the perfect opportunity to see how I can get my @ufitdrinks protein drinks involved in some saucy new recipes 🍩  and as I hadn’t had pancakes in legit what felt like 4evs & I couldn’t justify wasting macros on a full blow sugar filled diabetes inducing pancake stack, I decided it was the puuurrrrfect 🐱 time to make shift a recipe and see how it came out…

For those who saw my insta post a while back about the strawb/banan flavour protein drinks, you’ll know I mentioned that normally, I’m not a fan of those flavours in drinks. Even milkshakes. Even Maccy D’s milkshakes 😯 HOWEVER, myself & my coach (hey @jonocavecoaching) have both agreed that the banana 🍌 & strawberry 🍓 flavoured @ufitdrinks protein drink are one of kind i.e. ones I can stomach (the whole shebang) without feeling sick or passing out on a sugar high.

So I figured why not test the little babies out in a pancake recipe. And it worked so well I think they’re gonna be my key fluffy pancake ingredient until my macros don’t allow pancakes no more 🤣 #preplife
But for now, we sweet 🤙🏽 so check the recipe below, give it a try and send me a pic if you do! 😘😘


20g Oats (I used @mornflake superfast oats)

1 Whole Egg

36g Egg Whites (I use @twochicks bought from @musclefooduk)

20g Protein (I used PHD lean diet whey)

60g Mushed Banana (note – the mushier the better)

150ml Strawberry Ufit Protein Drink 🍓

1tsp Baking Powder


There isn’t really much of a method… just shove all that in a bowl, mix around with a fork (do not blend, only forking allowed oioi 😈) and fry in a pan that’s sizzling hot with a little coconut oil 🌴

… and waheyyyyyy we have a fabulously filling meal that you can top with whatever ya want (nutella & reeses obvs) but I topped mine with a little cream of sorts which I did by mixing greek yoghurt with about 20mls more of the Ufit strawb drink…

Can’t wait for you to try thisssss omggad you’re gonna love and be full forever buhbyeeeeee




Let me know your thoughts..