Low Calorie Egg Pizza

This was one of my absolute saviours whilst on those last few horrible weeks on prep. When calories, carbs, and even fats were low, and all I could eat was basically protein – this was dinner for around 2 weeks straight. I saved the majority of my fats macros for this meal, and it was so so worth it.

The trick to making a really thick omelette is a) bulking it out with low-calorie foods and b) egg whites. My favourite veggie to put in my omelette is mushrooms. About 80 grams of mushrooms is approximately 15 calories – sort of like eating dust..? I like to fry mine in 0 calorie spray with some garlic to give them some flavour first for around 5 minutes.

Then mix 2 whole eggs with around 100-120g of egg white and give it a good stir with added pepper. Then pour the mixture over the mushrooms and place on a high heat on the hob until the bottom starts to cook through. Once you can see that the omelette is cooking through the middle, chop up some feta cheese into small squares and sprinkle it over the omelette to melt.

The final ingredient I add to the omelette once it has all cooked apart from the top layer, is chorizo. I LOVE chorizo – yes it’s high fat, and high calorie, but if you chop 20-25g of chorizo into fine slices and place them on top of the omelette, you still get a huge amount of flavour from the sausage for a relatively small amount of sausage used.

Once you have placed the chorizo on the top layer of the omelette, take it off the hob and put it under the hot grill to cook the top layer. This can literally be for 1-2 mins until the chorizo is sizzling and smelling like pizza! Maybe it was just my prep brain but these omelettes legit smell like pizza once that chorizo gets cooking.. good way to trick yourself into thinking you’re basically eating Dominos?

Prep is over but I’m still eating these omelettes because they taste so damn good! The egg whites make them so thick that you can cut it into slices. So for all you lovely lot who have been asking how I make them as I have been spamming my IG stories with egg whites, enjoy this how-to!

Love, L x


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