That Little Blue Box: Into The Blue with Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic have been a name on the block for a long while now – I’ve seen them here, there and everywhere and all over the gram. With one of the bloggers I manage being a Look Fantastic ambassador, I knew I needed to try it out for myself.

I’ve recently been asked to collaborate with them and share my gorgeous blue box of goodies with you all!

How it works is on a monthly subscription. You can choose from 1,3,6 and 12 month options, and in essence, you’ll receive a handpicked box of skincare and beauty products that have been specially chosen for you and your needs. I’m not talking cheap, average quality products – the brands involved are some of the leaders in the industry and what’s refreshing is that the box also includes brands that you wouldn’t normally go for, making it a great way to try new brands that you haven’t branched out to yet.  You know when you go to choose a bronzer but realistically when it comes down to it, you’re always going to go back to Benefit’s Hula? Well this is a way to break that barrier! You can do it!

I received the June edition which came in a gorgeous, bright box. Aesthetics is everything in life these days, especially when it comes to things we share on Instagram so they definitely did a good job there. My box was blue tie-dye and for some reason it even smelt good (?) when I opened it up to reveal a box of ‘Into The Blue’ themed goodies. This month was all about rejuvenation and stepping into summer feeling fresh and hydrated which is exactly what I need in my life! I am all about preparing your skin and self (mentally and physically) for the heat and summer vibes, especially before a holiday so you can maximise that glow. So let’s move on to what was included..

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash

Now if you watch my Instagram stories, you’ll have seen that I have Elemis’ Superfood collection and I am absolutely buzzingggg this facial wash is in my box as it is honestly one of my favourites. Mine has run out but I’m still using the Superfood Day and Night creams. The whole collection is light, but moisturising and definitely hydrating. The facial wash actually smells a bit like broccoli (in a nice way if you can imagine that) and I love that it’s a wash that doesn’t dry your skin out or leave it itching for a moisturiser. I think if you’re going to try the wash,  get your hands on the moisturisers too (there’s a separate day and night one). They’re not hugely expensive but they’re definitely worth treating your skin to and an Elemis expert once told me that you should always try the collections together to get the best results.

Rituals Ritual of Dao Organic Body Cream

I am not exaggerating when I say this has to be the nicest body cream I’ver ever smelt. The ‘flavour’ as you call it is white lotus and yi yi res – sounds exotic? It smells like a combination of sweet sun creams, fresh flowers and fresh bed sheets. I should have known it would be gorgeous as I have a candle and the foaming shower cream, both from Rituals which all have distinctive, vibrant smells. This one is a go-to for keeping your full body moisturised during the hot weather. I would pop it all over your body after the shower in the morning and at night as well to keep fully hydrated.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Gradual Lotion

What I really like about this box is that I’m getting to try out new products from brands I’m already familiar with. I’ve used this brand before because they’ve been involved in TBP’S London Fashion Week Blogger events  (if you’re a Blogger interested in attending this year’s event and being able to mingle with lots of new brands, make sure you apply here to attend). I’ve used their normal self-tanner which you apply with a mit and leave on overnight, however this time I am trying out their gradual tanning lotion. I love things like this because it’s perfect to capture all shades – if you’re not wishing to go super dark, you can apply it just once or twice a week to get a subtle glow. Or, if you’re wish to go full throttle and get that post-holiday tan before you’ve even gone (me) then you can use it daily. I can’t wait to try this one!

Christopher Robin Volumizing Paste

Being completely honest, every paste or hair gel type product I’ve come across has scared me slightly because it just reminds me of my brother’s using those horrible products when they were younger – you know when they’d put so much on that you can see it or their hair is literally slicked down to their faces. Not to mention when they’d put their greasy hands on my hair! Doesn’t sound like I’m over it, does it. Well anyway, it’s put me off to ever buy a product like this. However after receiving this paste, I’m excited to try it. I’ve mentioned before that I have fine hair so I’m looking forward to seeing if this actually makes a difference to the look, not just the texture. Give me Kim Kardashian hair please!!

Madara SOS Hydra Moisture + Radiance Mask

I can’t get enough of skin products that have the capability to make my skin glowy. I went through a stage where I always thought makeup looked best matte, and so I stayed away from products that enhanced my skin’s natural shine and glow. But things have changed and I am all about the glow. There’s only so much highlighter you can put on top of your makeup – the glow needs to come from underneath! Otherwise it can end up looking cakey. This mask is all about adding hydration to dry skin which is essential when it comes to a healthy and glowy surface and I can’t wait to test it out.

Real Chemistry Rescue Day Cream

My Elemis moisturiser has just run out so this is going to be my replacement – I always get a little nervous trying new face creams just incase it makes my skin dry or red, but this brand has a really light and smooth texture with antioxidant protection so I think it’s going to be fab. I always think it takes at least a week or two to notice the change in your skin after switching products, so I will give you an update on this.

Studio 10 Metallic Eye Shadow

Gone are the days of hearing the word ‘metallic’ and running for the hills – it doesn’t seem to have that scare factor anymore! Metallic can actually be so gorgeous on your eyes but I think it needs to be a strong pigment so it really shows off the colour. The Studio 10 gloss I got is gold and very pigmented – it comes in a brush form so there’s no chance of colour fall onto your makeup, and it stays on for a long time.


I absolutely loved this box and the cutest addition was that it was complete with a mini ELLE magazine – perfect commute reading! I’m definitely going to consider signing up and receiving a monthly box as it can save you so much money if you’re usually splashing out on beauty products. It’s also the perfect way to try new brands so I would definitely recommend getting involved!

Love From Laurie x










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