Top 5 UK Trackable ” Cheat (but not cheating) Meal” Restaurants

How to eat healthy, when eating out. Bit of a mouth-full of a title, but it’s hard to explain all in one go – because I don’t think eating foods you enjoy is ‘cheating’. What I mean is, these are my top 5 restaurants which I like to go to that I can enjoy foods that I don’t always eat on a daily basis, that aren’t always the most nutritious or wholesome (although there is also that choice), yet I can still track them in MyFitnessPal and keep progressing. Even now I’m in a calorie deficit and on prep.

As I had arranged to meet one of my uni pals for dinner this week, I was thinking about where we would be able to eat a yummy yet nutritious meal that I could track.

If you’re a flexible dieter or just someone who likes to generically make a note of what they eat, it can be tricky when you want to go out for food yet don’t know where you can go that will tell you the macros of your meal. Those of you who don’t track your food can just use these options for places to eat that have lower-calorie choices yet are still delicious.

  1. Nandos

How can we not start with the UK’s fave cheeky chicken place. I absolutely love Nandos and could quite happily eat it daily if I was allowed. If u r reading this Nandos can I pls have a black card??  I used to have it like 3 times a week. Not even sorry! The reason I love Nandos so much is because it has so many options for you; if you wanna go all out and enter a carb coma, then Peri Peri chips or sweet potato mash is a must. Yet if you’re macro-hoarding or fancy something lighter, then I love their chargrilled veg. Obvs chicken wise I always go for a quarter breast, Peri Tamer flavaaa (not on the menu, I have O Marchon to thank all those years ago! If you’ve not had it, ask for it you won’t be disappointed. It’s like a cross between bbq and tomatoey sticky deliciousness.) At work yesterday my boss ordered Nando’s for everyone, and with a quick rearrange of my macros I could eat it with them and not be left out!

2. Pizza Express

I LOVE PIZZA. Who doesn’t love pizza. I wanna have a pizza party every weekend and as far as my macros will allow, Pizza Express makes this happen for me (although I’ve given up pizza for lent wahwah!). Their regular pizzas are around 700-800 cals and 90g carbs which isn’t too bad considering a stodgy dominos is like 200 cals per slice.. If you fancy a larger pizza, go for a Romana – super big, thin based and filling. Or if you’ve not got many kcal’s left over, then they do the Liggera- a pizza with a hole in it filled with salad basically. So no matter your diet goal for the day, you won’t miss out on the party!

3. Zaza

On the weekend I went out with ma familia and was in charge of finding somewhere for us to eat. I couldn’t pick Nando’s or any of the others listed as my dad is SO fussy – he’ll only go somewhere he can eat a steak, or burger and chips etc. Super healthy and all that.. But these have to be good quality or trust me I’ll hear about it for the next week. So I was a bit ancy about where to go – but my brother from another Olls (another mention for @marchonathletic ?!) recommended Zaza. We were all pleasantly surprised! I could get the nutrition off the menu ( well they have the weight of their steaks on there) and I just ate that with steamed vegetables. There was pizza, chicken, lamb, pasta.. Literally everything you could think of and it all tasted amazing! (apart from the garlic bread that came out like cardboard- even I found that easy to resist!)

4. Leon

Burgers for only 460 cals? MEATBALLS, WRAPS, CURRIES. It’s endless. I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, it’s super popular in London for all those city boys and gals that like to have a super quick nutritious meal on the go. All the nutritional values are on their website, and their chicken curries for only around 560 calories are an absolute touch! I had the Sicilian Chicken Meatballs on my last visit – so filling, flavoursome and cheaper than I expected for a London healthy restaurant! They also do cinammon popcorn for just over 100kcals..

5. Wagas

Who could leave out Wagas! Chain stores are the easiest to track macros and sometimes you just need a chicken katsu. Enough said.

6. (This one is a bonus one) Gym’s Kitchen.

Now if you’re an Essex girl or geezer this is THE one. Every option you could hope for but with every single macro laid out on the menu for you. I could actually eat here every day as well. It’s like having your own little chef cooking especially for your needs its fannnntastic. Try the protein pancakes with peanut butter..



Let me know your thoughts..