Another little review for you lot (2017 is already making me so kind ayy?!)

Now i’m sure you’ve been seeing UFIT drinks here ,there and everywhere on insta recently. They caught my eye last year on my boys’ (@whenharrymetsalad) page 🥑 as those two are always in the know with the best new products on the scene the sneaky little devils. But I was lucky enough to receive some myself from UFIT 💃🏼

I have to say I was a bit unsure what to expect; macro and taste wise. Most pre-made protein drinks out there I find are normally really calorie dense or sky high in the sugaaa mumma ❌ so I normally just avoid and stick to my own boring snoring shakes. I hate hate hate wasting calories on drinks though am I riiiight?!

BUTTTT (insert booty shake) 🍑 I was pleasantly surprised with the Ufit products. I was sent chocolate and banana flavour, a coffee protein drink (iced latte ooh lala) as well as their collagen and beauty milk 💅🏽 (- I know, sounds so fancy and magical)

Iced Latte – Coffee & Protein Drink

I’m not a huge huge coffee fan (although it is slowly growing on me) so I rarely use any caffein or pre workout drinks, and i’m a tea gal so it’s always a builders brew for me instead of using up my cals on coffee. Bcos dunno if I’m the only one but I can’t just go into Starbs and ask for an Americano? It has to be a large coffee frappe with 5 tonnes of caramel and 3 kilos of whipped cream (reason behind sticking to tea right there 🙄). BUT this drink has changed my perception on coffee. I used it for a preworkout as such, and it gave me the boost I needed to kill a session and also tasted really refreshing. It wasn’t super super strong so if you’re like me and not a huge coffee addict, but you do want that little kick, this is perfect for you! Also it’s only 170kcal per bottle and 3.2g of fat….

Chocolate & Banana Flavour 

Both milk protein shakes are also packed with 22g of protein at only 170 calories again, so I was really happy with these. I had the banana one as a snack during the afternoon and it kept me going until my next meal. Banana and strawb flavoured drinks I would never normally go for. I find unless it’s a smoothie using actual bananas (not fake ones obvs..🍌) then they taste too sickly? Same with strawberry do ya get what I mean??) But I actually didn’t find it that way at all. It was sweet tasting, nailing those suga mumma cravings but super duper nourishing for me and had the banana flavour that I actually like 😅

Now what I’m about to tell you is huge. Not only can you drink the drink… you can put them in your PROATS!! (Protein oats) How stinkin good is that?!🎉  Why you ask? Because who doesn’t want really thick creamy oats with an extra 22g of protein?!!!! I put the shake in the same time I would add water or milk, maybe 2 mins after stirring. It was such a good idea. I probably knicked it from @whenharrymetsalad hehehe 🥑 Tried and tested so go do it!!!!

Collagen & Beauty Milk

Now when I saw this in the little package they sent me I really did not know what to expect, or what it was to be honest. So I had a look at what was in it, and I could’t say no to extra firm skin (that sounds so weird- it has 5000mg of collagen in- collagen = a protein that helps make our skin firm & strong & elasticy…lols 💁🏼). That’s just one of the benefits of this little drink which btw comes in the cayutest little bottle which is the perfect size for a post workout refuel or snack. I had mine post workout- normally a time i’ve worked quite hard and often feel tired/sicky/no energy and this (despite it being strawb flavour) filled me back up, and refuelled me without being too much.  I think that it’s a perfect size. It’s also packed with antioxidants and green tea extracts so full of all the good stuff 🌽🥕🥒

So the little taster I had of the UFIT drinks i’d say were really really good – i’ll definitely be up for using them again and what pleased me the most was the fact it was pretty low in calories I thought, considering what’s out there in the market. As I said before, i’m not an avid fan of banana or strawb flavour drinks, yet the UFIT two I still found delicious, and i’m also not one to use many calories on drinks yet, Ufit can have them. Take them all!!!!!


Let me know your thoughts..