Vanilla & Lemon Cheesecake

Mummsy told me I need to do more NON-CHOC recipes for people who aren’t as obsessed with choc as me (and all my followers I know you are too don’t lie to me) I know how dare she, the cheek of it.

BUT then… I tried @ufitdrinks VANILLA drink and OMG. It’s vanilla but tastes like vanillary creamy white chocolatey thick milkshakey heaven. Honestly I thought the Iced Latte flave was my main squeeze but now it’s jussaaa side chick CYA hun Vanills takes the spot.

And so after tasting it I thought to myself I want an excuse to have it in abs. everything so not only that day did I drink it, then put it in my proats and ate it, I then went to make protein pancakes with it, then failed cos I’d ran outta egg whites so instead I made Vanilla & Lemon Cheesecake muffins with it. It is so versatile lols.

They actually taste soooo goooooood. The muffin part is belgian choc & vanilla flavour, the cheesecake is vanilla and then the lemon comes from the zest on top. The zest IS essential btw. It adds that extra little tang that we all want.

I only made 5 muffins but can I just say, they’re 68 cals each.. Only 68.. Brb whilst I go stuff them all in my mouth in one go. Here’s the recipe!

(One day I will start writing these blogs seriously)


For the muffin mixture:

20g Oats – I use @Mornflake

20g Whey Protein – I used PhD Diet Whey Belgian Choc

1 Whole Egg

100ml of @Ufit Vanilla Protein Drink

1 tsp of Baking Powder

For the cheesecake:

70g Philadelphia Lightest Cream Cheese

25ml of Ufit Vanilla Protein Drink


Mix together all the muffin ingredients in a bowl with a fork. Do not blend in a blender or anything!

Fill 5 muffin cases to half way with this mixture.

Bake in the oven at 150c for about 7-8 mins (or until the top is fairly firm).

In the meantime, mix together the 25ml of Ufit Vanilla with the cream cheese.

After the 7-8 mins in the oven, take the muffins out and fill the muffins to the top with the vanilla cream cheese mixture (should be a fairly runny mixture)

Bake for a further 7-8 mins or until the cocktail stick comes out clean!


Kcals- 68

Fat – 2.1g

Carbs – 4.6g

Protein 7.8g







Let me know your thoughts..