What’s your flava? #HelloFresh #FlavourGenerator

This post is aaaall about the flavour – I’m going to introduce you to the HelloFresh Flavour Generator and you can thank me later…

Flavour. Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve had ANY of that! I’ve been slugging it out on my last few weeks of prep, with bland, plain foods being the main source of fuel. I think I might just turn into a prawn or an iceberg lettuce one day soon…. but no more complaining!

Not only am I one week away from my final competition of the season, I’ve also had a teeny tiny hint of what’s to come. On Sunday I had a re-feed day, where my coach told me I could have a day of increased calories & carbs.

Now as one of the most indecisive humans on the planet when it comes to food, this is actually a hard day. What to eat?! The one day I get to have more food than normal, so the choice had to be right! Does anyone else get food envy super bad? I never know what to have and get worried that what I choose won’t taste as good as it looks (tbh it normally never does)  #prepproblems or #firstworldproblems actually… too many choices! So to solve that problem I think it’s always a good idea to make things yourself from scratch. I much prefer a home cooked meal with all the trimmings, than a shop bought ready-meal.

This re-feed Sunday, I decided I was going to do it right. I was 100% determined to make my food choices flavoursome, nutritious & delicious, so I left the decision of what to eat in someone else’s hands (sort of) – for all you other indecisive foodies out there – this is your best option when it comes to choosing what food to eat… Don’t do it yourself!

I left my decision to HelloFresh. I’ve used HelloFresh before – they deliver boxes of fresh ingredients along with detailed recipes to follow to make the most flavoursome meals that you would never think of making yourself. For people who are really busy and don’t want to spend too much time thinking about what to eat each day and look up recipes, but also don’t want to be eating the same boring meals, HelloFresh is ideal.

They’ve now introduced their new Flavour Generator Tool to help indecisive people like me make delicious new food choices. You use the generator to choose what type of food you fancy (Italian, British, Indian, Mediterranean etc) then select whether you’re after something tangy, spicy, sweet and so on. It then brings up a few recipes of potential dishes to make. I chose Italian, and clicked the button “I fancy: something I’ve never tried before”. The result was a “Sicilian Caponata”. This was literally ideal – sausages, tomatoes and veggies which I could make macro- friendly. It was UNREAL.

I’ve never taken sausage meat out of the skins before (sounds SO rank) but to make this dish I did just that and used Heck Food chicken sausages instead of pork sausages. The macros on these sausages are amazing – for 2 sausages it’s around 75 calories! The fresh peppers, tomatoes and aubergine meant it was a low calorie dish anyway, and as the whole dish simmered in garlic and tomatoes, it was full of flavour. I even added a few prawns to the dish to fill it up with extra protein.

I haven’t had the time, energy or macros to be able to cook a nice home-made dish like that for a long time so this was such a nice treat – it has made me so excited to use the other recipes post-competition so keep your eyes peeled for more recipe based posts, and let me know if you give the generator tool a try!

Love, L x




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