WheyHey! Spring’s here!

Guys, we’re starting to experience at least 10 mins of sun 1-2 times a week now. Summer dat you tho?? No, ok Spring?? One can hope…

But anyhoo it’s taken me a while to get this recipe up because as you would have seen from my Insta story a while back I made this absolute beaut of a smoothie using one of the little pots WheyHey! sent me, and then I spilt like the WHOLE damn thing before tasting even a drop. It was so devastating I just had to block it out…Hence no blog post. Nah I’m only joking, I’ve been a busy bee but now it’s here yaaay! And there’s more than one…

I whipped up these in about 5 mins, so easy, so delicious and packed full of protein.

I really like the Chocolate and Vanilla flavoured WheyHey pots as they genuinely taste like normal ice cream. The banoffee pot wasn’t as yummy as I thought it would be, slightly more sickly tasting, but for all you strawberry icecream lovers out there (weirdos) you’ll be happy to know it tastes super authentic¬†but for insanely better macros. 150 calories per decent sized pot? Yes please.


Hope you enjoy these two smoothie recipes!


  • 150 ml pot of WheyHey! strawberry icecream
  • Handful of ice
  • 20g whey protein
  • 50g of frozen berries
  • 1 cup of water so you don’t blow up your blender


  • 30g WheyHey! chocolate icecream
  • 100ml of dark chocolate almond milk
  • 25g spinach
  • 20g avocado
  • approx 100ml water
  • 27g peanut butter (meant to be 20g but went a little OTT…)
  • 20g whey protein

Love, L x 


Let me know your thoughts..