Gluten free or lactose intolerant… it seems that these days avoiding certain food types and going gluten- free is somewhat part of a fad. Before I start I just want to reiterate that this is not aimed at those who actually are sensitive to gluten, dairy or actually need to avoid these food types. I can only empathise with you and I can understand that it must be quite frustrating as more and more people say they’re “gluten-free” when really they’re just scared of bread or think it will make them fat. You must be sitting there thinking “just shut up and shove some dough down your gob!”

The ‘gluten-free’ fan club seems to have arisen as more and more people correlate gluten (i.e. the proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, oats – so therefore bread, baked goods, cereals etc) with weight gain and think that if they cut out anything with gluten in, they’re going to lose weight, or believe that it’s the gluten that is making them gain weight, or stopping them from losing it.

Of course, if you do react badly to gluten and are coeliac, or experience horrible digestive issues, bloating, stomach pains – then cutting gluten from your diet may be the key – however I would always suggest going to the Doctor and getting an actual test done so you don’t have to avoid it for no reason. Who would want to restrict themselves from Pizza??

In other instances avoiding foods with gluten in may result in weight loss – not because of the actual gluten, but because it would lead to avoiding food types such as bread and baked goods which can also often contain a lot of other high calorie ingredients – sugars in cereals, high carb content in pizza – the list goes on. If you cut out a certain food type from your diet, then of course this may lead to weight loss – it’s like saying if usually I eat 5 cakes a day, if I cut these out will I lose weight? Well if my calorie intake is decreasing then yes most probably!

But this is also where some people are mislead. If you cut out all food types that contain gluten but are still eating more calories than you’re burning based on fats, proteins and other food groups – you’re still not going to lose weight whether you are eating gluten or not. I just wanted to put it out there that avoiding these certain food types is not guaranteed weight loss. Don’t be tricked into cutting out gluten when you actually can still lose weight and eat a balanced diet that includes bread, pizza and ALL the doughy, baked foods! I repeat: why would anyone want to restrict themselves from that! #pizzaislife

A lot of people also think that if they eat the gluten-free substitute to a food with gluten in, then it’s better for you or not as likely to make you gain weight. Just to be clear, eating a gluten free brownie with 200 calories is the same as eating a 200 calorie brownie made with gluten in. The calories are still gonna get ya!

So first things first, if you are experiencing digestive problems and you’d like to figure out why then go to the Doctors! The worst thing to do is online doctor it. Google does not give you the answer to everything so don’t believe everything you read.

Secondly, don’t be trapped by the gluten-free social fad! For the people who are gluten free – I feel for you – it’s not something I can imagine is the first thing you want to show off if that makes sense, so you’re probably annoyed by everyone jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon who do it for ‘fun’…

I’ve said this in the majority of my diet and nutrition based posts that weight loss isn’t the same for everyone, it depends on a variety of factors and can STILL be obtained eating ALL food groups. I am currently 13kgs down (prep mode going strong) and still eating pizza and chocolate.

On that short note, I’m out!

Love, L x 



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