Work Snacks Haul!

In a previous blog post a few weeks back of my protein power balls, I mentioned that when it comes to ‘snacking’ I’m often baffled as to what to eat. But when you’ve got a long day at work ahead, or a day out planned where you can’t nip home for a bite to eat, and like me, you struggle in a supermarket to choose anything, it can often lead to buying anything or everything that catches your eye, which 1) isn’t good for your bank balance and 2) may be a bit risky if you’re wanting to stay on track throughout the week, and save for treats on the weekend or to top off your macros at the end of the day (I like to keep my sweet foods till desert so I have the day to look forward to it! Helps me stay on track)..

So, I thought I’d do a post on what I bring to work to snack on. And no, you don’t need to have spent your weekend baking macro friendly treats for this one! This list of suggestions that I often use will be ones available from shops everywhere, so not just for those macro counters 😛

  • Rice Cakes/Corn Cakes- wholegrain, the majority are fat free/low in fat, low calorie, can be topped with anything you fancy, low in sugar (if you choose the plain ones) – I do that and then just top them with nut butter!
  • Protein Bars- when you’re on the go, these are a life saver. My favourites are Quest bars, Crankt or Carb Killas, but you can obvs get any brand and choose a bar which fits your macro needs! I also really love Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies. The calories are quite high but they genuinely taste like a cookie from the bakery! Macros are on point too with little fat.
  • Fruit. Now it’s true what they say, eating a ton of fruit isn’t always the best idea – people can be mislead into thinking that fruit is low carb low calorie. Fruits like apples & bananas are slightly higher in carbs & also sugars (roughly 1 pink lady Apple (200g) has roughly 15- 20g natural sugar) BUT there’s no prob if you’re not sitting down and eating the whole of sainsbury’s grocery section. Fruit is filling, great source of fibre, can satisfy your sweet tooth (I love berries for pudding or a pink lady in the day 🙊), and tastes delicious to name just a few reasons..
  • Greek yoghurt. I like to take a small tuppaware of 0% fat Greek yog topped with berries to work. Perfect refreshing snack!
  • Protein Mug Cakes. Easy to make, can be topped with anything, low carb, low fat, easy to fit in tuppaware… Endless benefits! There’s a recipe for a quick protein mug cake on here too!
  • Nuts. Nuts are so nutritious, packed full of essential fats, however a huge portion of nuts is high in calories. So an idea is to use these as your toppings for any of the said above 🙌🏽
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    • lovefromlaurie
      January 9, 2018 / 4:52 pm

      Me too, although I’ve moved on from Quest bars to Carb Killas, so yummy! Xx

  1. January 11, 2018 / 4:02 pm

    Yum I need to give the protein mug cakes a try. Sounds so yummy!

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