Coco Pro: The Protein Drink

Throw back to the time every girl wanted Damien to be their bestie  – “that’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets” ❤️ After I’ve written this i’m going to watch Mean Girls. So on behalf of the sassiest of sass queens, “Watch out please! Fresh meat coming through!” –  introducing CocoPro…

These lovely lovely people asked if I’d try a couple of their high protein coconut water drinks and I was instantly so impressed with the protein content – 20g in that small carton and only 138 cals, 0 fat and just over 11g carbs!

The Pineapple flavour was my fave out of the two 🍍 Sweet but not TOO sweet, super refreshing, and ideal for post workout if you’re not on having something big to eat. I had mine straight after I worked out and it filled me up a fair bit, which was perfect as I wasn’t ready for a full on meal yet. I think because it has whey protein in it, it is a teeny tiny bit dry but as soon as you give it a shake you’re good to go.

The other one they sent was a plain coconut flavour, and just as delicious as it sounds. I took this one with me to get ma nails doneeee after my workout cos i’m a lady of leisure atm 💅🏽 (I.e. jobless and broke) and who doesn’t want these handy little packets of protein to take with you on leisurely trips like that. Cos even girly girls need their protein. Moral of the story is they’re super handy, super tasty and packed full of protein so you can’t go wrong!! 🤘🏽


Let me know your thoughts..